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Nizami's Arms Training and Chhatra League

Edit Date:7/28/2010 12:00:00 AM

18 July 2010: http://www.sonarban gladesh.com/ article.php? ID=3174 Shimul Chaudhury We have great writers in the Bangla language: Rabindranath, Nazrul, Farrukh, Al Mahmud, and the list goes on…. However, unfortunately, none of our famous past and present litterateurs is known as a satirist. But the fact is that present day Bangladesh is in a dire need of a great writer of satire like the British author Jonathon Swift to better portray the political drama and absurdities in Bangladesh. At a time when members of the student wing of the ruling regime Awami League have ousted virtually all students of opposition organizations from campuses and have established one-party rule in the model of BAKSAL, the police have been hunting, arresting and putting on remand students of Chhatra Shibir! At a time when Chhatra League cadres have been turning the university campuses of the country into military barracks and – in the absence of any opposition student organizations at college and university campuses – have been fighting with members of their own organization, using arms and other lethal weapons, over tender business, admission business and money extortion, the police have been interrogating Jamaat Chief Maulana Motiur Rahman Nizami and other detained Jamaat leaders on arms training. Let me imagine that a man from Paraguay came to visit Bangladesh without any prior knowledge about our political culture. He picked up the Daily Star or the Financial Express to learn about the current affairs in Bangladesh. He reads the news stories on Chhatra League misrule and its brandishing of arms and ammunition at the college and university campuses. He then turns his eyes to another news story where it says that Jamaat leaders are on successive remands and are being grilled on the question of arms training. What conclusion will the Paraguayan reach? The answer is simple: He will definitely believe that Nizami and Saidee are the two main patrons of Chhatra League cadres and Chhatra League is the student wing of Jamaat. Let’s say someone standing nearby dares to correct the Paraguayan. Then, won’t the Paraguayan wonder why it is the chief of Jamaat, and not the chief of Awami League, who is being put on successive remands and questioned on arms training? The Bangladeshi man standing nearby now does not dare to correct him!

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