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Undisguised face & Crime-world of Sajeeb Joy

Edit Date:7/20/2010 12:00:00 AM

Bay of Bengal to Himalayan Region is targeted for massacre and the Bangladesh is under the extreme threat. India and Israel are stepped forward to use Bangladesh as the testing ground of new weapons. Ground works are almost completed. Mr. Sajeeb Wajed Joy who married in Jews & Sikh family and resides in America was found in suspicious movement. His entrance at Zia International Airport at Dhaka from New Delhi has created huge criticizes and negative attention in the foreign diplomatic circle recently. It created sense to suspect him by the intelligence agencies of home and abroad.
This burning information though was hided or not detected by any news agencies or Intelligence nets of Bangladesh; it created a real sensation among the Defense Security analysts. Arms smuggling and other terrorists� related crimes are included among other doubts as he might be recruited as the crime don in their goal of turning Bangladesh as a sitting dug by India and her ally who are in the alternative war against it already. A sitting dug is the easiest target for the hunters.
Two Ambassadors (British and Denmark) were boarded in the same flight and seated side by side who found him in changed face and experienced his suspicious movements face to face. They were astonished as discovered him in mafia character and had to express unwanted voice with the crews for such strange and embarrassing situation and desired to get down quickly. The Indian air Marshalls even behaved rough with the VIP passengers. Some analysts have pointed their finger on the selection of the time also. Their question is about the time selection of changed face also. Why the planners did not care about the presence of the Ambassadors by his side? Did they intend to pass the message to the European Union about the Indian sole control on Sajeeb and Hasina? Or the extra-care of their special own operatives?
A man who seated almost 2.30 hrs together in original normal face and suddenly changed his face with mustas and beard; dressed as Sikh at the time of landing in Airport caused the eye-brow shaking and surprise the honorable diplomats, crews and the other VIP passengers. If the son of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina involve in underworld crimes, it might carry a different message for the country and as well as the region.
Some Anti- terrorist analysts doubt his connection of RAW and MOSSAD might bring him in such trend in a purpose of growing up a new anti-USA operative. Others are highlighting the extreme hunger of wealth for this journey of crime world. However, the fact will be public gradually anyway today or tomorrow.
Mr. Sajeeb Wazed Joy was a news headline for carrying foreign arms and entrance in Bangladesh through Zia International Airport at Dhaka without custom checking after his mother Sheikh Hasina had taken oath as Prime Minister at current regime.
The British and Denmark Ambassadors in Bangladesh were boarded and embarked from New Delhi as they were invited and participated in Golf Tournament in there. After 5 days of enjoying the Tournament, the friends and associates, Honorable diplomats were returning in their station in Dhaka.
Mr. Sajeeb Wazed also was boarded in the same flight and seated in one closest chair to them. The Air hostage announced to keep seated every passenger until the special VVIP passenger get down from the aircraft after it landed in Dhaka. The name of the VVIP was left hided.
In the meantime Mr.Sajeeb entered in the dress room, changed his dress suit and covered the face by pesting mostus and head with pagree. He duplicated himself as a Sikh and appeared with different face.
No passenger could move from their seat until a special car came up to the stair of the Aircraft and picked up the undisguised VVIP and ran a way in fastest speed. His bags were passed unchecked.
It is learnt that his Excellency the Ambassador of Denmark sent frustrated and angry message to their Government and their Government expressed their reaction to Bangladesh Government in the same tone. The EEC also informed their concerns about the mysterious attitude and styles of the Hasina Government. The foreign diplomatic circles in Dhaka are annoyed for such under graded behaviour of Mr. Sajeeb Wajed which was done through the prime minister�s knowledge.
Why the Prime Minister�s son had to enter in Bangladesh secretly from Delhi to Dhaka where as he can easily can come and go in dignified way anytime? Why he is so scared in his home land at the regime of her mother? Why he hided every body and could not trust anybody in Bangladesh? Why Sheikh Hasina lost all confidence of trust on her Government�s security of the republic and peoples of Bangladesh where she had to bring her son in Dhaka with masked face? What secret message he carried from RAW & MOSAD he carried for her mother? Is it anything regarding China? Rows of questions rose already about the suspicious move. However, the duplicate Sikh returned to America safely.
It is open secret in top levels that Prime Minister already lost her credibility to her own Government officials and the party leaders regarding her relations with America and European Union. Her assurances are proven mere big mouthing to them. She always reserves the credits for his son as the giant lobbyist of foreign relations for America and Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury for Europe. These are also proven fake.
Having a chance of meeting President Barak H Obama in one break fast event at United Nations she expressed herself in a dramatic mood of proudly actress as if she found lot of important �eye� signals from the greatest superpower and she should not share it to anybody when was asked. She lied to everybody that President of United States of America will visit Bangladesh in honor of her invitation.
Even the Secretary of States Hillary Rodham Clinton was supposed to visit Bangladesh at her schedule to South East Asia including China as foreign minister Dr.Dipu Moni told the press. But the reality has been changed. Where as the tour in India already cut down from priority list which caused the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Monmohan Singh frustrated already.
Because of the tense situation between South and North Korea Ms Clinton cancelled the tour in India and Bangladesh as it was announced by the state department of America but the analysts are in different opinion regarding the cancellation of tour that she has followed the recent changed strategy that has been taken in South Asia. She toured Pakistan, China, South Korea and Japan. It clears the signals of new strategy of USA.
Though some high officials of the Hasina Government tried to say that Mr. Sajeeb Wazed Joy came in Bangladesh to be involved in the preparation of receiving Ms.Hillary Clinton in Dhaka. How come he was in dark about the changed schedule of visit of the Secretary of State if he knows at least little-bit about the foreign relations of United States of America?
Some news media making news on President Obama�s next tour in India on November in 2010. The state department or white house has no record of such schedule on it. This story is made with a purpose of encountering recent China- Pakistan-USA special relation. Pakistan again is authorized by both superpowers to guide Afghanistan for security and democratization to support America in withdrawing the NATO arm forces gradually. Train their Army, Police and Civil bureaurucrats. Pakistan is going to be exposed as another superpower soon beside the Indian border.
The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stays with 200 special arm guards and 150 hided cameras at her residence in Dhaka. Sleeps in bulletproof room as safe as strong iron volt in Banks. Even then she keeps a loaded revolver beside her bed and Sajeeb Wajed Joy keeps automatic gun when he comes. They are comfort with Indian supervision but they can not sleep peacefully and not feel safe. The killers are never feeling safe and have no peace in mind even stay in gold-bed. So many Indian operatives will be sacrificed in Bangladesh during the war of Independence near Bangladesh-China bordering region.
Conclusion: India and Israel lobby used and misguided United of States regarding Bangladesh and Bay of Bengal region. They both are shaking for their own cause of fear in the deep bottom of their nerves now-a-days. Their bluffing strategy about the Sea-Empire is exposed to China and America. Their operatives are walking to prioritize the hard lines in Bangladesh to keep absolute control or to destroy the possible encountering forces. Involving the son of the Prime Minister in mafia�s world indicates the new military strategy of those both foreign countries on Bangladesh more clearly. Though their dream will remain unfolded forever and Bangladeshis are prepared for facing such sabotage in near future.
The Five hundred thousand Israelis have been carrying American Passport. Among them three hundred thousands are already permanently living in America and do not like the Israeli Governments policy of eliminating Palestinians. Their numbers have been increasing. CIA reports was published in June 17th 2010 that Israel will be eliminated within 20 years. So, Indian states are moving fast to be liberated as was happened in Soviet Union. Indian power is no more acceptable in the gate of Indian Ocean. Their political operatives are loosing control over Chittagong and Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. They have to be squeezed in Bangladesh.
New York-June 19th, 2010.
The writer is a free-lance Journalist and freedom fighter.
E Mail: rivercrossinternati onal@yahoo. com
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