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the International Crimes Tribunal issued arrest warrants against four Jamaat-e-Islami top leaders

Edit Date:7/26/2010 12:00:00 AM

Dhaka, July 26 – In 20-minute hearing on Monday, the International Crimes Tribunal issued arrest warrants against four Jamaat-e-Islami top leaders. The obvious reason for this hurried move was to hinder the possible bail-out of the four Jamaat leaders who are already arrested in other cases, in which they might get bail. The warrants were issued against Jamaat-e-Islami chief Matiur Rahman Nizami, secretary general Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed, assistant secretary generals Mohammed Kamaruzzaman and Abdul Quader Molla for alleged crimes against humanity during 1971. The Tribunal’s 20-minute hearing considered an application filed on Sunday by the prosecution panel’s chief Golam Arif Tipu with the tribunal’s registrar Mohammed Shahinur Islam. Special security measures were taken for the hearing which started at around 10.30am at the tribunal established in the old High Court building. Tribunal members Mohammad Nizamul Huq, ATM Fazle Kabir and AKM Zahir Ahmed were all present in court. Tipu told the hearing: “The four including Nizami are already arrested in other cases, in which they might get bail.” “Evidence might be destroyed if they stay free which might hinder investigations. The arrest warrants needs to be issued to assist investigations,” he added. Mentioning rule 9 (1) of the Tribunal’s rules of procedure Tipu said: “The prosecution has specific allegations against them. The arrest warrants could be issued upon them in line with the tribunal act.” The court then asked the chief prosecutor for specifics of the allegations. “They were active in committing crimes including killings, genocide, looting, rape, arson as the collaborators of the occupation army at different places of Bangladesh during the Liberation War in 1971,” Tipu replied. “In-depth investigations are underway against them, so they should be shown arrested for the sake of investigation,” he added. The court then asked for information on the location of the crimes committed by the accused. Tipu said, “They actively participated in these crimes throughout the country.” When asked for explanation why they should face further warrants since they are already in jail, the prosecution chief replied: “They were not arrested in relation to these crimes. Arrest warrants should be issued so that they cannot secure bail in other cases.” The tribunal then allowed the prayer ruling that, “In the interest of effective investigation, warrant of arrests should be issued against these four persons.” The tribunal set August 2 for submission of a report on whether the warrant had become effective. The attorney general is his reaction to the order told reporters: “The petition was filed so that they cannot escape.” He also urged all people to assist the tribunal by providing information regarding the crimes against humanity during the war. The government on March 25 formed the tribunal, prosecution panel and the investigation agency to try the long-awaited trials of the crimes committed during the 1971 War of Independence. Earlier a Dhaka court on Monday remanded Jamaat-e-Islami chief Matiur Rahman Nizami, and secretary general Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed for three days, in an anti-terrorism case filed with Kadamtali police. Judge Rokhsana Begum Happy of the Dhaka’s Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on Monday gave the order following a petition by Metropolitan Detective Branch inspector Sheikh Mahbubur Rahman for 10 days. The judge also rejected applications for cancelling remand and bail for the Jamaat leaders.

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