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Bangladesh editor alleges "inhuman torture" in custody

Edit Date:7/25/2010 12:00:00 AM

Source : BBC Monitoring 13.06.2010

The detained Amar Desh acting editor, Mahmudur Rahman, on Saturday urged the court to save his life from the "inhuman torture" he was allegedly undergoing in police custody. "Your honour, please save my life," he told the court. "I am not supposed to be alive after the level of torture I have experienced at the cantonment police station. I was blindfolded and stripped by five men in the lock-up. I fainted after they pressed me on the chest and back." Mahmudur was brought to the court at around 3:00pm [local time] after a three-day remand in the case of obstructing the police. He said he could not stand on the dock and the court allowed him to sit. He told the court he had undergone 'inhumane torture in police custody. He asked the court whether an individual could be tortured if the constitution, democracy and human rights were upheld in the country. After his remarks, his attorneys told the court he should be granted bail in the case as he was a former adviser with the status of a state minister and editor of a national daily. 'The case in which the police arrested him was a false case. Police said they had been assaulted but the persons beaten up had not been named. So we hope the court would grant him bail for the sake of justice,' said Sanaullah Mia. Another attorney Taimur Alam Khandakar said the sections but one of the code of criminal procedure under which the case was filed were bailable. The court, however, remanded Mahmudur in custody for four days in an anti-terrorism case filed by the Uttara police. At one stage of the hearing, Mahmudur's attorney Nasiruddin Ahmed Asim submitted a directive of the High Court on remand and said the directives were ignored during interrogation. He said as per the order, only the investigation officer would interrogate the person remanded in custody. "The directive also makes it mandatory to conduct health examination before a person is remanded in custody but this directive was also ignored," he added. More than 100 lawyers, including Salahuddin Ahmed, Ahsan Kabir, Zakir Hossain, Zainal Abedin Mesbah, Monir Hossain and Belal Hossain Jasim, were present in the courtroom.

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