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Police Remand of Nizami-Mujaheed-Sayeedi Trio: Compariing Crime Committed BY State-MInister of Law & Justice

Edit Date:7/22/2010 12:00:00 AM


Nizami-Mujaheed-Sayeedi would be arrested, most people anticipated it before. But the law-suit for which they have arrested is too ludicrous. They have arrested them for the alleged crime of comparing Nizami with Prophet Muhammed (SA). Funny thing is, the guy who compared Nizami with the Prophet still is out and have’t been nabbed. More funny, the person like Mujaheed and Sayeedi who were neither compared or nor did they compare Nizami with the Prophet.

I don’t understand how the Nizami-Mujaheed-Sayeedi trio get arrested for the defamation case of prophet! Should comparing prophet with another individual of his Ummah constitute a crime, then comparing individual, Mr. Rafiqul Islam should be arrested first, not the individual who was compared nor the individuals who present at the meeting or just co-leaders of the party. From country knowledge of my beloved Bangladesh, I knew, only in certain hilly part of Bangladesh has a tribal Mag People. Now I am surprised to see the whole country has been overwhelmed by the Mags and country has virtually turned to a Mager Mulluck!

Here I am giving one analogy, if some Mr. X spread the rumor that Hasina is the 3rd wife of Hussain Muhammed Ershad. Who will be criminal for this kind of wrong doing Hasina, Ershad or Mr. X. I am sure the sensible people will say, neither can Ershad nor can Hasina be charged with false-rumor or defamation case of our celebrity politicians.

I want to express here my personal opinion, if somebody by any situation compare prophet’s life and activities with with someone else’s it looks like audacious by traditional view of our common muslim but not too serious crime because Prophet says in Hadith ” Anaa Basharum Mitlumkum” meaning I am a man like you. Quran also has similar Iyat. After prophet’s death when Omar (RA) was not accepting prophet’s death, Abu Bakar reminded and consoled him reciting from Holly Al-Quran. I don’t think comparing prophet’s life with one’s life is a sin, rather prophet is our Rule-Model. And it is the every moment’s and everyday’s Farad or obligation of every muslim to check and correct oneself tallying how prophet did and what we are doing as his Ummah. Only claiming prophethood by anyone after prophet’s ofat is the apostacy and unforgivable sin. I’m not an Islami scholar or Jurisprudent. If there is anything more hair-splitting judgement about it, it’s the job of Islami Scholar or Shariya Board; and even the judges haven’t any authority on those issues.

Contrarily, if we compare the sin committed by state-minister law and justice Mr. Qumrul Islam while he says ‘if Allah can put people on trial after crores of years why we can’t try the war criminals after 40 years of independence’ we can deduce from general knowledge of Islam he did unforgivable sin. He did heinous sin of Shirk/partnership. Allah and angels can’t be compared to humans. If there had been true justice, rules and laws or true religious mindset of the people in government the man like QI should be put to trial. And if 10 days remand is justified for Nizami-Mujaheed-Sayeedi trio, 1000 or more days of remand is justifiable for Qumrul Islam. However, in my own view, no one has the absolute right, government people, judges or Islami scholars to impose their verdict, decree or Fatwa on the matter of how we obey, view and revere Allah andHis prophets and go for harshest punishment. Because,on that matter hair-splitting judgement and judgementi will be done by Allah, the Supreme Authorit in the day of final judgement. If we take up all the judgement jobs what Allah will do in the Day of Judgement. Will He not be jobless on that Day?.

We see secular Awami Mullahs come up with fake evidece of Hadith and Quran and falsely, try to justifty their evil acts. To be Awami Mullah, one doesn’t need to study in Madrasha or Islamic institutes. People like Prof. Prokanda (Kabir) choudhury, AGA (abdul gaffar) choudhury etc can be surrogate Islami Scholars for Awmami Mohajote. If they just know ” LaaKum DinoKum Waliya Din” is enough because their FON, Sheik Mujib used to know that single Iyat of Quran and tried futile making Bangladeshis secular by utttering this single Iyat out in the Maidan and Shangshad.

May Allah give us the wisdom to understand and separate right from wrong.

By Abussa M. Giashuddin, USA

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