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Test on patriotism

Edit Date:7/21/2010 12:00:00 AM


Shimul Chaudhury
16 March 2010

In Bangladeshi culture since the liberation war of 1971, there has not been any dearth of public display of patriotism. On different national days, political leaders and intellectuals compete with each others in critiquing an erstwhile villain, Pakistan . However, Pakistani rule and the disparity between East Pakistan and West Pakistan are matters of the past. Unfortunately, now we have a new enemy which is no one other than the country that helped us achieve liberation.

Bangladeshis are regularly being killed in the border regions by the people in uniform of that country. Recently, they entered Bangladesh , dug dozens of bunkers inside our country, set up border posts in our territory and wounded many of our compatriots in the Sylhet border areas by firing indiscriminately. 
Despite regular atrocities by the BSFs and the illegal intrusion into our country and the continuous threats and intimidations by the Indian forces, we do not hear our ‘self-made patriots’ say any strong words against India . No political rallies against India ’s wrongdoings, no statements by political analysts or by university professors! Nor do we see any media campaign against India ’s hegemony. Many newspapers try to keep people of the country in the dark about India ’s hostilities. All keep quiet, as if nothing has been happening.

Instead, they try to distract our attention from the real problem of India by continuously telling us about what Pakistan had done nearly half a century ago. Hypocrisy has a limit. Theirs’ has gone beyond all limits. Their loyalty is not to Bangladesh , but to another country. They are not patriots; they are traitors. People of Bangladesh are gradually wising up to this fact.
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