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Secret killing sponsored by state

Edit Date:12/17/2011 12:00:00 AM


Fakhrul claims BNP its main victim

The ruling party resorted to secret killings to suppress and oppress the opposition, he said while addressing a press briefing at his party's central office at Naya Paltan.BNP acting Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir yesterday alleged that secret killings have been taking place 'under the shield of the state' and opposition, especially BNP, activists are being victims of such killings.

The BNP leader called upon the party's leaders and activists for retribution, saying, “the present government has to be prepared for retaliation for its every single move.”

Criticising Home Minister Sahara Khatun for her remark that she came to know about the matter through newspapers, Mirza Alamgir said government's use of secret killings as a political move is panicking people.

Sutrapur thana Swechchasebok Dal leader Masud Rana has been missing for 15-16 days while dead body of Jhikargachha BNP president Nazmul Islam has been recovered from Gazipur, he said, claiming that this shows the government's involvement in the matter.

The present government is not establishing the rule of law, instead they are implementing party rule so that none can protest their misdeeds, the BNP leader said.

“I have already said that the government is involved with all killings and disappearances. National and international human rights bodies also expressed concerns but the government did not give any attention,” he said.

He also expressed solidarity towards hartal called by Jessore BNP for December 17 protesting the killing of Jhikargachha BNP president.



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