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Awami police and BCL hoodlums

Edit Date:12/13/2011 12:00:00 AM


The people here are familiar with custodial deaths since 1973, and hundreds of men have been killed in custody; this was for the first time that they have heard of an arrestee nabbed by police being stabbed—-as in the case of former Dhaka Mayor Khoka who is now under medical treatment in a hospital after receiving stab injury. News reports say he was struck by pro-government anti-hartal elements after being nabbed by police. Even an idiot knows that he is no Tom, Dick or Harry. A man of significant social and political standing with background as a heroic freedom fighter, Sadek Hossain Khoka was roughly treated; law enforcers boorishly behaved with him. Are our policemen so obtuse that they had to apply force to take him to custody? No. Observers feel that they were dictated to be rough, rude and ruthless. As if Khoka’s removal from the position as elected Mayor of the DCC was not enough. So, they say, certain quarters could not stomach the Awami League chief’s defeat twenty years ago in the 1991 general election in Dhaka city with a considerably wide margin of 27,339 votes (vide Pramanya Sangsad, 1997, published by Tathya Seba, Dhaka).

Election result is to be taken in good grace; there is no sense in marking poll contender, who won, as a sworn enemy. Such a practice is preposterous to say the least; indeed there is no propriety in such mindset.
About the same time Nurul Islam Khan, Dhaka city unit chief of the BNP’s labour front, was fastened with long rope around his waist and was dragged by policemen towards the police van —- while he was indiscriminately kicked from all sides by hoodlums of the Chhatra League (BCL), the student wing of the ruling Awami League. 
When visiting the immediate past DCC mayor and her party’s Dhaka city committee convenor, Sadek Hossain Khoka, at United Hospital on 4 December evening Khaleda alleged that Khoka was physically assaulted by the ruling Awami League’s cadres at Dhaka Court premises in the old City during the hartal before he was detained by the detective police. He was set free after about an hour. Mrs. Zia said, in one hand the government speaks high of freedom fighters, on the other hand it unleashes brutal attack on freedom fighter Khoka, adding that movement against the government cannot be stopped by resorting to repression.
A doubting Thomas may jolly well feel otherwise about election and utter like Eliot: “universal peace is declared and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry”. Such a cynical view has little or no following; come what may, election will have its enduring significance. Politicians in all countries deem election a triumph or defeat game of chance, because this year’s victor will of necessity not be the winner next time; conversely, this term’s vanquished could come out a frontrunner in the future polls. 
English men of letters of the Renaissance Era often paired colours with emotions or personal qualities: both green and yellow symbolise avariciousness and green is also illustrative of covetousness. In his bid to breed acrimony the trite desperado Iago cautions Othello to beware, advising “it is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” 
Unrestrained violent behaviour of the ruling Awami League government’s police has exceeded all limits while committing indiscriminate violence during political programmes of the main opposition BNP since the beginning of Hasina regime. Their excesses have been so much so that members of this law enforcing agency instantly resemble the reprehensible nefarious brutalities of the South African apartheid of bygone days. On a regular basis they unleash dehumanising abuses indicative of the colonial period. 
Gross, unacceptable maltreatment of Opposition leaders driven by brazen partisan frame of mind behoves ill for society. Cumulative effects of repressing Opposition indicates the incumbents’ extreme fear emanating from inner weakness; and the result portends further crisis of the nation which is in desperate, dire need of sound and solid unity at a time when veritably disastrous moves against the country’s ecology, and for that matter survival of the people, are afoot from across the border.  
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