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We want action, not words

Edit Date:7/21/2010 12:00:00 AM


Shimul Chaudhury
08 May 2010

Misconducts of Chhatra League and of other Awami-affiliated organizations have reached to such a height of ferocity and have endangered public tranquility to such an extent that all in the country are highly petrified. And only few people dare to open their mouths. However, despite the silence of the majority who have not been affected by rapes, killings, money extortions, admission-test business and widespread campus violence of Chhatra League, those who are the primary victims of these wrongdoings bear the full brunt of the lawlessness that grips the country and will find it difficult to forgive the current regime. 
The police force is supposed to be the shelter for the oppressed, and an empowered police force can ensure a good law and order situation and the security of the people at large. But when police officers themselves become the target of Chhatra League’s attacks, we may reasonably understand our insecurity and helplessness under the government in power. 
While the entire country is going through the havoc of never ending lawlessness and mayhem of Chhatra League, people is the upper echelons of government seem to have been reveling in the usual privileges of ruling a country and shamefully turning blind eyes to the predicament of the citizens. They do not deny the active involvements of Chhatra League in all sorts of misdeeds. Nor do they take any effective measures to prevent them. What they are do is to issue statements condemning the killings and other violent activities of their student affiliates. 
Few weeks ago, the Prime Minister warned the Upazila chairpersons not to patronize gundas (a Bangla word for hooligans); recently she advised the police to show their professionalism in curding anarchy. As Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina does, all in the country know who these hooligans are and who are causing the widespread anarchy in the country. Prime Minister’s and other ministers’ condemnations of Chhatra League’s wrongdoings may sound sweet to its members and ok to the blind supporters of Awami League. But, we the common people who have to work hard to earn our bread and butter and crave for security unfortunately find such statements bitter and offensive. What we want is tough action against the members of Chhatra League. 
For the sake of fairness and justice, I want to bring in an analogy here. Let us imagine a Bangladesh where students of Chhatra Dal or Chhatra Shibir commit the same kinds of atrocities and violent acts that are being perpetrated by those of Chhatra League! What would be the reaction of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her party people! What would be the reaction of Awami-affiliated intellectuals (who generally wear the garb of ‘civil society’)! My guess is: in the case of Shibir, it would be an outright ban; and in the case of Chhatra Dal, it would be indiscriminate and collective incarceration. 
It seems that the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and other Awami high-ups are trying to make fool of the entire country by issuing statements denouncing the aggressive and transgressive behaviour of the members of their own student wing and by not taking any action to stop them. Under the circumstances, we are forced to believe that the Awami high command is clandestinely involved the money extortions and other misdeeds of Chhatra League. If this were not the case, we would certainly have seen tough actions against their boys.

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