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BSF Killings and Bangladeshi Politics

Edit Date:7/21/2010 12:00:00 AM


Shimul Chaudhury
04 June 2010

In Indian mytholodgy, a 'thug' was "one of a band of professional assassins formerly active in northern India who worshiped Kali and offered their victims to her." I think this term is quite apposite to describe India's BSF (Border Security Force) if we consider its murderous acts in Bangladesh's border region.

When the BSF thugs routinely kill Bangladeshis in the border regions, they do not discriminate whether their victims in Bangladesh belong to Awami League, BNP, Jatiya Party or Jama'at. However, in condemning BSF's regular violations of human rights and its killings of Bangladeshis, Bangladeshi pollitical parties are sharply divided. Some Bangladeshi political parties raise hue and cry now and then to register their protests against BSF's murderous actions. But, unfortunately, a very prominent Bangladeshi political party remains dead silent with regard to BSF's wrongdoings.

This tells us about the sad story of Bangladeshi politics, as the political parties are not united even in protecting the country people from foreign aggression. This also suggests the success of Indian foreign policy, as it has a very loyal political group in Bangladesh that looks after India's interest blindly and is ready to ignore Bangladesh's interest when India's political and strategic interest is involved.

If the Bangladeshi party loyal to India were selective in its condemnation of BSF's routine murders, then we would have some consolation. What is frustrating is the fact that its silence about India'a atrocities is absolute. When India is in the scene, it does not bother whether the BSF victims are from its own party or from other parties. In other words, the security of the people who voted that party to power do not count much in its imagination.

The whole world is stunned by the Israeli atrocities directed to the Palestinians and to people who try to stand by them. But, there is a striking analogy: Palestine and Bangladesh: Israel and India. This analogy will perhaps explain the reason why India is a strong ally of Israel. More so, the political party in Bangladesh that is silent about India's illegal cruelty inflicted on Bangladeshis is also largely silent about Israel's monstrous behaviour.

Bangladeshi people are politically highly senstitive, but extremely naive. But when they come to know the real story of the friendship between their oppressors outside the border and a party within the country they vote for, they may exercise their democratic rights more wisely in future.
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