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Jammat Leader Said PM joked with Allah

Edit Date:7/13/2011 12:00:00 AM


Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jammate Islami , ATM Ajharul Islam said that Prime Minister Shek Hasina joked with Allah . He accused while she was speaking in National Council of BCL that Islamists failed to get Allah from Bismiallah.

Ajher alleged that the ruling party is no longer different with Pakistani government during pre liberation period of Bangladesh. The Ayub Khan government in the then Pakistan, he observed, used to oppress people through various black laws. They even repressed people in the name of anti-adulteration drive.

“We won freedom from Pakistan and built an independent country so that people get justice. But this government [AL government] is resorting to black laws like the then Pakistani ruler did to oppress the opposition leaders and workers,” added Azharul. “What's the difference between the then Pakistani ruler and the present Bangladeshi ruler?” he asked.


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