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BCL men vandalizes 25 Islamic University buses

Edit Date:7/5/2011 12:00:00 AM

Activists of Bangladesh Chattroleague  (BCL) on Monday ransacked at least 25 buses at Islamic University, Kushtia following a clash with the activists of  JCD activists.

Some 15 students and bus drivers were injured during the vandalism, reports our Kushtia correspondent. According to campus sources, some unruly BCL activists equipped with lethal weapons attacked JCD men when they entered the campus at around 10:30am.

Being chased by the BCL men, the angry JCD activists went on rampage,  and BCL vandalises over 25 university buses on the campus. Police from Kushtia, Jhenidah and the university police station rushed to the spot and dispersed the JCD men.


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