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AL turns into party of ministers, MPs

Edit Date:5/9/2011 12:00:00 AM

AL turns into party of ministers, MPs

 Ofiul Hasnat Ruhin

Leaders of the front organisations and associate bodies of the ruling Awami League on Saturday expressed deep frustration at their being ignored by the ministers and lawmakers.

At a joint meeting of the AL and its front and associate organisations at the party chief’s Dhanmondi office they said the leaders of the party’s city unit and the lawmakers elected from Dhaka hardly invite them to join rallies organised in different city constituencies to mobilise public support for the national women policy, meeting sources said.

Sources said that some leaders of the front organisations lamented that after going to  power the party seemed to have turned into

an organisation of the ministers and the lawmakers where the general leaders and activists had no place.

‘We do not get any cooperation from the ministers and lawmakers…The opportunist groups are getting benefit everywhere,’ a leader present at the meeting quoted the general secretary of Sechwasebak League, Pankaj Debnath, as saying.

He also said that a number of leaders of the front organisations had demanded involvement of the party men in development activities in their respective localities.

‘I am deeply disappointed as the party’s city unit is ignoring the front organisations while organising rallies in different constituencies in the capital to mobilise public support for the women policy,’ Juba Mohila League general secretary Apu Ukil told New Age after the meeting.

She said that such rallies would be more successful, if the front organisations were involved.

The city unit AL started holding rallies in the city constituencies involving local lawmakers on May 5 to mobilise support for the national women policy.

Talking to New Age, city AL general secretary Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya said that in response to the front organisations’ demand the party had decided to involve them in all programmes in future.

‘We demanded that the party should not ignore the front and associate organisations,’ the general secretary of the Bangladesh Chhatra League, Mahfuzul Haider Roton told New Age.

At a briefing after the meeting, AL acting general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif said that the party had sat with the leaders of its front organisations and associate bodies to finalise the programmes for the ‘homecoming day’ of AL president Sheikh Hasina on May 17.


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