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501 political killing, 32,000 injured in 27 months in the Awami League regime

Edit Date:4/27/2011 12:00:00 AM

501 political killing, 32,000 injured in 27 months

Apr 26, 2011

Awami Atrocities start on election night in 2008

By Anwar Hossain Manju

DHAKA, April 26 – Twenty seven months has been passed since Ninth Jatiya Sangsad elections held in December 29, 2008, but the country still witnessing a very frightening and hellish condition. The government and the ruling party cadres out of revenge and vengeance are committing acts violence and all sorts of barbarism against the leaders and activists of the opposition political parties.

It has been started on the night of December 29, 2008 soon after the closing of voting time for the ninth general election. Before the election results were announced the Awami hoodlums were ready to carry out attacks on the leaders of BNP and Jamaat, as they were made sure by a certain quarter that election results are going to be in favor of the Awami League led grand alliance. When the results were being announced Awami Leaguers resorted to violence on the opposing parties BNP and Jamaat.

Their leaders and workers were made victims and attack on them, looting of their houses and business establishment, grabbing of their lands, oppression of their women and children became order of the day. As their atrocities were backed by the party leaders, police was reluctant to act to stop the vandalism. It was reported in the media on a regular basis that many opposition leaders and activists were compelled to leave their areas to save their lives.

The Thirty First night, just two days after the election came as a nightmare and the people belonging to opposition political views were the worst sufferers. In many part of the country Awami cadres attacked the houses of BNP and Jamaat leaders and looted their property, they even took away their cattles. BNP sources said during the last 27 months Awami League rule at least 104 BNP leaders, activists and supporters were killed in Jessore district alone.

On January 23, 2009, just two weeks after AL government took power, BNP leader of Jhikargacha Upazila was stabbed to death in the party office by the Awami terrorists. BNP could not even allowed by the didtrict administration to bring out a procession to protest the killing.

On January 26, 2009, Awami hoodlums stabbed BNP leader Khalilur Rahman to death in the bazaar at Razapur in Jhikargacha upazila in front of his elderly father. On February 9,2009 BNP leader Iman Ali was lynched in broad daylight in Chougacha of Jessore by the Awami terrorists. They beat him for two hours and left when he breathed his last. After a few days of Iman Ali’s murder, another BNP leader of the same area was brutally killed with repeated thrusts of hammer.

Jubodal leader of Sharsha was also killed in the same manner. It was known from the BNP sources that about 500 people of Sharsha area under Jessore district have left their houses fearin Awami persecution. According a report of the human rights organization Odhikar, 251 political leaders and activists were killed by the terrorists of Awami League and its front organizations in 2009.

The number of injured people during the same period was 15,559. According to a study of Nagorik Forum, at total of 4,113 people were killed in the country in 2009. In 318 incidents of repression 29,574 people were injured. And the number of attack was 417 and incidents of grabbing of property were 363 during the period of study. Besides, incidents of tender manipulation and extortion were 192.

The Awami government out of political vengeance made 846 government officials Officers on Special Duty (OSD) and they were kept out of their office and without assigning them with any job. Awami atrocities continued as it was a routine duty of the party hoodlums. According to Odhikar in 2010, due to brutality of the Awami Leaguers, 220 political leaders and workers were killed last year and the number of injured was 13,999. Although Awami League claims itself the protector of Hindu interest, but in reality the scenario is just reverse and the members of the minority community, particularly the Hindus understood after the 2008 election.

In 2009 one Hindu was killed and another 502 were injured in the attacks by Awami terrorists. Similar attacks were carried out in 2010 also and 8 Hindus were killed and 384 injured while 23 temples were ransacked. From January 1 to March 31, as Odhikar reported 30 people were killed in political violence and 2,527 people were injured. Not only the ruling party cadres, the members of the law enforcement agencies also took part in carrying out atrocities and oppressed people belonging to opposition parties. During the 27 months of rule of the present government, killing and disappearing of political opponents after nabbing by the members of the Rapid Action have become an order of the day.

Members of the law enforcement agencies in white clothes nabbed Chowdhury Alam, an influential BNP leader and Dhaka City Corporation Ward councilor, but he is missing even after 10 months of his arrest. BNP lawmaker Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury was detained in December last year, who was brutally tortured in police custody.

Before the arrest of Salahuddin Quader, top Jamaat leaders were arrested on flimsy bailable cases, but just to take revenge of Jamaat’s political hobnobbing with the BNP, they have been kept in prison for indefinite period and the government is branding them as war criminals. The Awami League government during their 27 months rule has withdrawn 7,500 cases lodged against their leaders and workers for committing various crimes including murders. They have even released convicted persons who were sentenced to death by higher court.

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