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AwamiLleague is fly bait and increasingly irrelevant

Edit Date:1/12/2011 12:00:00 AM

Awami league is  fly bait and increasingly irrelevant.

They purposely seek to pull Pakistan into an exchange of words to give them further credibility with India.

Such exchanges will distance us from our brothers in Bangladesh who do not like Awami League nor share their strategic vision.

Pakistan is and has always been there to support its Bangladeshi brethren. Awami league are desperate to sensationalise matters with Pakistan to promote their cause and misguide Bangladeshis.

If Bangladesh wants to move forward it must re-analyse 1971 in light of recent evidence.

1. Look up General Manekshaws admission on Indian involvement before 1971. What happened to the 80,000 Hindu Indian Bangali Militia that became a major contingence of the Mukthi Bahini. Where did it go once infiltrated into East Pakistan. To what purpose were they created and what were their objectives – all self explanatory in light of what happened during the revolt before the war.

2. Read Zain Ul Abedin’s book “Raw in Bangladesh” how Indian military coordinated attacks on Pakistan army through Mukthi Bahini and how they looted what was East Pakistan and even when Bangladesh was declared a sovereign nation.

3. Read Qutbuddin Aziz “Blood and Tears” – specifically how non Bangla speaking people were massacred, displaced and raped largely by The Mukthi Bahini, this goes back to point one.

4. Read Sarmila Bose “Dead Reckoning”

5. Read “East Pakistan Tragedy” by L.F. Rushbrook Williams.

There are many other such references to reflect on. Essentially Bangladeshi new generation need to re-evaluate and re-analyse 1971 and accept the Indian hand in inciting the revolt. More importantly they must question – why Mujibur Rehman met Indian IB in 1963 and then Indian RAW in 1968 and 1969 all verified by Sheikh Hasina who witnessed one such meeting. The Awami League is no different to the Mujibur Rehman’s government in 71 and seeks to diminish Bangladesh sovereignty. For Bangladesh to move forward it must put to rest the ghost of 1971 not easy to do but realising where the blame largely should fall will allow it to overcome its malice towards Pakistan.

Bangladesh must move forward with a clear vision and to further the Bangladesh cause and whether Bangladeshis accept it not their fate is tied with Pakistan and the rest of the Muslim world. There is a better strategic friend in China than there could ever be in India. Does Bangladesh have to learn the hard way like Sri Lanka, I pray they so not. We genuinely have a great affinity for Bangladesh and always will more so than the Hindu Bangla people in India – who view Bangladesh with contempt and build fences to be divided from them. Why so they so this when they were jubilant in 1971 and stood side by side with Muslim Bangalis. Well because they so not wish to see a progressive Bangladesh and have no real love for Muslims. This is because they are educated in their history and view the battle of Plassey as a major turning point for them and Hindus. They continue to digest the lies of the British colonialist and see Muslims as a threat. Only the flame of British Colonial treachery and tactics is kept burning by the upper caste Hindus – The Brahmins.

Bangladeshis must learn their rich and glorious history and the history of Muslims of South East of the Subcontinent and how they were not separate from the Muslims of The Sub Continent & Central Asia but every much part of it. Pakistanis love Bangladeshi Muslims more so than your Hindu Indian Bangolis who were jubilant in 1971 shouting Joy Bangla. They cared little for Bangla Nationalism otherwise they too would have wanted to be part of you not build fences and allow their BSF to kill Bangladeshi Muslims indiscriminately.
They were Jubilant at the destruction of what was son to become an assertive East Pakistan and did not wish to see History repeating itself. What do I mean by this, well they have no desire for an assertive Islam as this troubles their already fragile psyche. Indian history, psyche is very much linked to a written history that emerged 200 years after the events of 1757. It is here that Hindu history, Aryan mythology, Hindu imperialism is born, a new sense of purpose. A universal name for their religion named by The British as Hinduism. It is at this single decisive point that the Hindus felt a sense of purpose and greatness akin to the Northern Alliance cause in Afghanistan. An artificial conflict created and an eternal enemy in The Muslims is born and promises were made to never allow Muslims to re-gain any form of power. Thus the British were instrumental in creating a sense of calling however much artificial but never the less significant for The Hindus. Bangoli Hindus as do much of Indian Hindus still live by that history and a sense of duty against Muslims. The British left this divide and absurdities of Islamic invasions in the sub continent and it continues to exist. 1757 was recreating this time using Bangali Nationalism in 1971 and again the divide and rule tactic left behind by the British worked. I will not call it successful because in the long term an Islamic Bangladesh State is inevitable as is a Brihot Bangladesh but in the short term it put Pakistan back decades.

The Indian ecstatic feeling at the claims that the TTP will enter into Islamabad within weeks back in the summer of 2008 was again a repetition of The British Invasion and the battle of Plassey in 1757.

The TTP – Tereek-e-Taliban threat was essentially to recreate 1971 in Khyber, Pakthunkwa and Balochistan, that would see a heavily armed revolt from The Balochis and Pashtuns against Pakistan and Pakistani army. The idea was that Indian assets from within the Northern Alliance made up of Tajik & Uzbek Afghans would somehow be able to incite and create a revolt from the Pashtuns against Pakistan. Creating a Nationalist struggle between Pashtuns and the rest of Pakistan, with the bone of content against Punjabi Pakistanis.
This was a Neo-Con phase 3 plan in the War on Terror. Had the Neocons not had lost the elections and stabilised their occupation of Afghanistan this was their phase 3. To destabilise and disintegrate Pakistan was high priority to install their hegemony in the region. Neocons/Israelis and Indians were arming these deluded men to incite, bomb Pakistani NW and make an angry Pashtun people to rise up. They would then call for a Pashtunistan and a heavily armed Pashtun army with these foreign mercenaries recruited by India would then enter Islamabad. This would therefore give credence to America to secure the Islamabad, take Pakistani Nukes from Pakistan and call for the creation of a Pashtunistan. India would then attack and take over Azad Kashmir and parts of Punjab. Baloch where Indians are fuelling a similar insurgency would also become separated from Pakistan. With Pakistan out of the way – India therefore has full access to the rich, vibrant resources of Central Asia. America would have complete control over Karachi and the warm waters of Arabia and The Chinese would be suffocated of their most significant and important supply route via Karakoram (Ancient Silk Route).

To the world this was sold as Taliban attacking Pakistan – but Tereek-e-Taliban are not even Pashtun let alone The Taliban. Armed with sophisticated weapons and with accurate Intel supported by the American mercenaries Balckwater/Xe no doubt they are what Bob Woodwards refers to as The Afghan Death Squads. Had the Pashtuns revolted in the same way as Bangla speaking East Pakistanis then today there would be no Pakistan and the geography of that part of the world would be totally changed. The Hindu armies would have slaughtered us in our million. Thankfully our Pashtun brothers are fierce warriors and hate India and Hindus more than anything and would never be incited by Tajik Afghans or Uzbeks. The Pashtuns of NWF Pakistan and their militias helped the Pakistani Army to eliminate this threat and hence the 1971 style operation to destabilise and dismember Pakistan was stopped in the incubation stages. In the modern day, we have advanced communications, mobiles, internet, visual media that allows information to be easily leaked and we are thus aware as to what is actually happening. Sadly in 1971 we were not lucky to have such technology and East Pakistan media was heavily controlled by India. Loyal to Pakistan good Muslim Bangladeshis were duped by Mir Jaffir once again not aware India had infiltrated Mukthi Bahini Hindu Indians in their midst. Who were hell bent at inciting and creating an armed revolt. Well the rest is history as they say but one thing is for sure. Had the Indians & Neocons been successful in creating a Pashtunistan out of Pakistan and Indian re-occupation of Azad Kashmir it would have signalled the end of Pakistan. This would also have led to Bangladesh being absorbed into India also.

Awami League is an extension of what Mujibur Rehman was “supposed to do”. They are the instruments of India and Pakistan should discourage from getting into any spat with them. Bangladesh will learn and in time 1971 will be re-evaluated.



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