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Bangladesh Media Fails to Document BSF Killings

Edit Date:12/30/2010 12:00:00 AM



By A Worried Bangladeshi


The ill-treatment of Bangladeshi people in the border regions by the Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) can be compared to the sufferings of the Palestinians now in the hands of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).
BSF's border fencing and other techniques are supposedly inspired by those of the IDF. The two countries share striking commonalities. Look at Israeli's treatment of the indigenous Arab people within its borders and then see the condition of Muslims inside India.

One can see BSF's killings of Bangladeshis. It can be compared with IDF's killing mission in the Gaza border. You will not miss the meeting of points of these two countries whose names begin with the letter 'I'. Then you will not be surprised to learn that both Israel and India are very strong allies and share intelligence.

The sufferings of the Palestinians invite international attention. While the stories of the Bangladeshis in the border regions are largely unheard and unknown to the rest of the world. Since Bangladesh is in the grip of a hostile neighbor, India, its government dare not speak about the death and distress of its people by Indian forces.

In the face of the powerlessness or insincerity of the Bangladesh government, its media could launch a movement against India's gross human rights violations in the border region. In most cases, BSF's killings of poor Bangladeshis are treated as one-column news by Bangladeshi media. BSF's atrocities are thus unabated and under-reported.

We understand that Bangladesh government may be controlled by Indian intelligence, and hence it remains silent about India's killing of its own citizens. But, what conclusion shall we draw about the Bangladeshi media? Why is it thatBangladesh newspapers are not making headline news when BSF is continuously killing Bangladeshis? Why is it that Bangladeshi television channels are not producing any documentary on the BSF's atrocities? Who controls all the glossy Bangladeshi media?

Let us say it loudly that Bangladeshi media personnel and newspaper column writers have sold their souls to Indian intelligence at the expense of deaths and destruction in the border region. Once print and electronic media in Bangladesh are free and independent in a true sense, only then we can expect that BSF killings of Bangladesh will make headline new. Then the international media will give enough attention to our sufferings. Until then, let us try to identify and expose the traitors looming in Bangladesh.

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