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Intervening legal process & manipulating the administrative power

Edit Date:12/30/2010 12:00:00 AM


Law & order situation in Bangladesh is deteriorating day by day. Very little justice shown here by the ruling party & they corrupted the purpose of the arrest & allegations of the arrestees in order to take revenge exploiting the administrative power by the ruling party cadres. The situations already loosen the grip of the administration over the law & order. The situation is grave now when we see teacher is beaten to death by the eve teasers & use of the administrative power to take the political revenge over the opposite parties or take illegal benefit from various quarters & riot took place between the law enforcement agencies & general people.

Use of administrative power to take revenge over opposition parties from several daily newspapers:z

1.      Jamaat-e-Islami leaders, Motiur Rahman Nizami, Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojahid, M Qamaruzzaman and Abdul Kader Molla — filed a petition. They are currently in prison and under trial for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The March 25 declaration of the formation of International Crimes Tribunal investigation committee and prosecution panel started the procedure to hold this long-awaited trial. “Amardesh” 01.10.10

2.      Jamaat leaders were arrested again after setting free of charges in Pabna.                        Amardesh” 1.10.2010

3.      Mr. Sadrul Alam Chowdhury from Central Committee of Bangladesh Awami Freedom Fighters League filed a case against Lawyer Mr Fakhrul for belittling the Freedom Fighters in his speech. “Prothom Alo” 01.10.2010

4.      A warrant has been issued for arresting Jamaat Leader Mr. Sayed Abdullah Mohammed Taher in a sedition case by a local Awami Leader in Munshigonj called Lutfor Rahman. Mr. Lutfor Rahman stated that Mr. Taher threatened ruling party in government that his party will paralyze the country. “New Age” 01.10.2010

5.      The government, on 1st October, 2010 withdrew two officials from Pabna and made them officers on special duty (OSDs) on the incident of attacking Government officers by district administration clerks in liaison with ruling party men on September 17. “The Daily Star” 01.10.2010

6.      Parliament Member and Awami League Leader Fazle Nur Tapash was set free of conviction of submitting falsified documents of his father’s being a freedom fighter by a division bench of TIB which was intended to get allotment of RAJUK plot. TIB filed a case on the above conviction in Motijheel Thana in 2007. “Amardesh” 02.10.2010

7.      A Jamaat activist was apprehended on October 2 evening convicted for distributing leaflets containing anti-government messages. “Ittefaq” 02.10.2010

8.      A clash between two rival groups of Awami League left 5 injured in Shailakupa, Jhenaidah. “Ittefaq” 02.10.2010

9.      Jamaat activist Abdul Malek and Abdus Sabur have been arrested as convicted in the case of terrorizing people of Rajshahi by detonating small bombs while they were rallying around the city on June 30, 2010. “Prothom Alo” 02.10.2010

10.  BNP alleges that long time disappeared BNP leader Chowdhury Alam was abducted by the government.[1]  Chowdhury Alam is the acting city councilor of Dhaka City Corporation. BNP alleges that governments comment in this regard is very much inconsistent and sporadic. It also says that there was a general diary filed in the police station, but government is indifferent about this. While the Home Affairs minister told that government is trying to find out him.[2]

11.  Ongoing crackdown continues on the opposition student organization Islami Chhatra Shibir (ICS). Police arrested 13 activists of Islami Chhatra Shibir (ICS) at a house in Teligul area at Baralekha upazila on 1st October. The police arrested them when the activists of Shibir were gathering for the Friday prayer.[3]

12.  8 pro BNP-Jamaat teachers of Shahajalal University of Science and Technology face Show-cause with the allegation of involving in irregularities in admission procedure. This move was dramatic and unprecedented in the University history.[4] The show-caused teachers alleged that this charge is not true and politically motivated.

13.  There were six separate General Diary filed at police station against the BNP MP Salauddin Kader Chowdhury on October 3.[5] One case was filed against SK him for his statement to be subversive to the state.

14.  A case was filed against Barrister Fakhrul Islam who is the Lawyer to the opposition Jamaat e Islami leader Maulana Sayeedi. The case was filed by some branch of Awami League in the ground that some of his comments in the court was contrary to the state principle.

15.  A court of Quick Trial gave 2 years of detention to 8 activists of Bangladesh Jamaat e Islami and Islami Chhatra Shibir. According to the court their guilt was “creating terror by taking to the streets for procession”.[6] Among the convicted there were the district President of Sherpur district. The ruling was given on October 3.

16.  The chief of Jamaat e Islami Chapai Nawab Ganj district branch was taken in Remand by the police. Maolana Saibur Rahman who is the Ameer of Jamaat e Islami Chapai Nawabganj city branch was given the police remand on October 3 by the court. There was no case filed against Saibur.[7]

17.  On October 5, 2010 speedy trial tribunal ordered 2 years imprisonment to the 8 activists of the Jamaat & Shibir in Sherpur. The court, however, acquitted 16 others Jamaat leaders and workers, including Sherpur district unit general secretary, as charges brought against them could not be proved.

18.  On October 7, 2010 police took Mohammad Kamaruzzaman & Kader Molla of Jamaat to remand tin relation to the case of the assault on police & create impediments on govt. work.

19.  On October 7, 2010 former state minister for home affairs Babar shown arrest of the case of the ten truck arms trafficking in Chittagong & CID also requested remand for 10 days.

20.  Two detained assistant secretary general of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Muhammad Kamaruzzaman and Abdul Quader Molla were sent to jail on October 10 in a case filed accusing them preventing police from discharging duties during hartal hours on June 27. Third Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Mohammad Ali Hussain rejected their bail and ordered to send them to jail. Earlier, Paltan police produced them before it on completion of their two-day remand.

21.  Killers of Boraigram upazila chairman Sanaullah Noor Babu set free although Natore police identified 16 people on October 9 from video footage of the attack that killed Boraigram upazila chairman Babu the previous day. Police arrested only one of them in this connection. The arrestee, Russell Hossain Rappu, is a Bangladesh Chhatra League activist of the upazila.

22.  Several footages from TV news showed how Boraigram upazila chairman and local BNP leader Sanaullah Noor Babu was brutally beaten to death on October 8 allegedly by AL men. The police so far have identified 16 of the 27 accused from the videotape. One was arrested, but main accused Zakir Hossain stayed out of police reach.

23.  On October 9 a Dhaka court adjourned the hearing on charge framing for the fifth time against detained former state minister for home affairs Lutfozzaman Babar in connection with a tax evasion case. Meantime, the same court adjourned the hearing till November 21 against acting editor of the daily Amar Desh Mahmudur Rahman in connection with a corruption case.

24.  On October 10 a Barisal court on Sunday summoned Fakhrul Islam, who is the lawyer of Jamaat-e-Islami leaders arrested on war crime charges, in a case lodged against him on charge of sedition. Awami League supported lawyers led by advocate Ismail Hossain Negaban, president of Barisal district bar association, moved the petition of advocate Syed Zahangir Hossain, another AL lawyer, before the chief judicial magistrate court on Sunday afternoon. The petitioner appealed for issuing warrant for the arrest of barrister Fakhrul.

25.   Father, mother, and brother of killed Jubo League leader Ibrahim Ahmed (38) were interviewed by investigation team. Ibrahim was killed inside the car of same party leader and Member of Parliament Noor Ur Nobi Chowdhuri Shawn. Journalist fingers to Shawn behind the killing. Surprisingly police are dealing with the issue slowly and wasting time.

26.  The police arrested 10 Jamaat-e-Islami activists including brother of Jamaat assistant secretary general Qamaruzzaman in Sherpur town on October 12. The police raided Jamaat district Executive Committee member Abdul Jalil’s residence in Bagraksha area in the town and arrested him along with three other Jamaat activists. Later, the police arrested six more Jamaat leaders including Qamruzzaman’s brother Kafiluddin from Bajitkhil area of the town. Sherpur sadar thana officer-in-charge said they were holding a meeting to create anarchic situation ahead of Durga Puja in the name of staging demonstration protesting the arrest of top Jamaat leaders.

27.  Six cases were filed and 5000 persons sued and 20 persons were arrested on October 12 in connection with the attack on an intercity train and setting it ablaze on Monday nearby the venue of a rally organized by district BNP where BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia was present at Soidabad in Sirajganj. Five persons were killed when the train passed through the crowd that spilled over the railway track from the rally venue.

28.  Awami League lawmaker of Baraigram-Gurudaspur constituency Abdul Quddus yesterday assured his party men accused of the BNP leader Sanaullah Noor Babu murder case of “trouble-free” future. “There is nothing to be worried about. The Awami League government is in power. Nothing will happen to the accused of the murder case,” he told a party rally on Bonpara bypass.

29.  Six central leaders of main opposition BNP were sued on October 13 in charges of damaging state property, setting fire on a train and obstructing government officials in performing duties on October 11. The law enforcers have so far arrested 52 people in this connection.

30.  On October 17 Motihar police arrested one more Islami Chhatra Shibir activist from Rajshahi University (RU) campus in connection with February 9 violence. The arrestee, Selim Reza, is a second year student of Islamic Studies Department and also a resident of Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Hall. Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) activists caught Selim in front of the hall at around 2:30pm and handed over to the police.

31.   While the Natore Awami League and the local MP are trying to portray the murder of BNP leader Sanaullah Noor Babu as a consequence to BNP's internal feud, the investigators are certain that the ruling party activists had committed the offence. Investigation officer (IO) of the case Sub-Inspector Abdul Hannan of Detective Branch said "I have enough evidence against the accused but they are now hiding to escape arrests". The main accused Zakir, A member of Boraigram Upazila unit AL, is now under local MP’s shelter.

32.  Court ordered 2 years imprisonment of the editor of a local daily the ‘Dainik Samata’, who is also a leader of the local Jamaat.

33.  On October 21, 2010 the government declined to withdraw cases against some BNP leaders including opposition Chief Whip Joynul Abdin Farroque MP and Barkatullah Bhulu MP on the plea that those cases were not filed on political grounds. Moreover, govt. rejected appeals for withdrawal of 305 cases and decided to hold more discussions on 1201 cases, including 79 of ACC for taking final decision.

34.  On October 21st 2010 the police detained four more BNP men on early Wednesday from Kazipur, Belkuchi and Sadar upazilas in Sirajganj for allegedly looting, vandalizing and finally torching the coaches of an inter-city express on October 11.

35.  On October 21st 2010 four more people were arrested in connection with the October 11 attack on the intercity train Drutajan Express and setting it ablaze near a BNP rally in Sirajganj. The arrestees are local BNP leader Selim Reza, local Jubo Dal leader Faridul Islam and party activists Shahidul and Swapan.

36.  On October 21, 2010 one more Jamaat activist was arrested in Jhenaidah while sticking poster on wall containing the message of the claim to free the 5 leaders including Ameer of Jamaat (party chief).

37.  On October 26, 2010 the police carried out a sudden raid on the Moghbazar central office of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami but did not arrest anybody or could not find anything worth seizure.

38.  On October 26, 2010 court sent Mohammad Kamaruzzaman & Kader Molla of Jamaat to custody after the remand in the case of assaulting police & creating impediments on govt. work.

39.  On October 26, 2010 court rejected appeal of 4 BNP leaders in Moulivibazar.

40.  On October 26, 2010 Police raided the central office of Jamaat-e-Islami at Moghbazar in the capital to arrest former Jamaat lawmaker Abdullah Mohammad Taher, but none was arrested and nothing seized during the raid from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

41.  On October 25, 2010, a DB police team raided Tangail office of Jamaat-e-Islami and arrested 3 activists. They police arrested them under criminal code 154 of Police Regulation but did not show any credible conviction. “Ittefaq” 27.10.2010

42.   Police arrested 19 Jamaat Activists from Mirpur, Dhaka and captured a huge stock bombs and “Jihadist” books. Police said that they had information that the Jamaat activists were scheming to run terrorist attacks from there. “Ittefaq” 28.10.2010

43.  BNP leader Siddik Talukdar was arrested as accused of embezzling Tk. 300,000 and extortion in Saltha, Faridpur. “Prothom Alo” 28.10.2010

44.  Eight Chhatraleague leaders got bail accused of vitiating the admission process for 3rd class officers in Pabna. Three other Chhatra League cadres were given bail earlier. On the other hand, Jamaat Leader Kamruzzaman and Quader Molla’s bail petition was rejected by the court. “Prothom Alo” 28.10.2010

45.  Activists of the Juba League foiled the foundation day program of the Juba Dal, at Gaurnadi in Barisal on October 28, 2010. Seventeen Juba Dal men were injured as Juba League activists attacked the program. The police later contained the situation about 11:00am. The police detained a Juba Dal activist on charges of bringing out a procession at Agailjhara without permission. “New Age” 28.10.2010

46.  20 Jamaat leaders and activists were apprehended by police from Mirpur on October 28 at evening. Professor Mujib was one of them. The arrested ones were alleged of carrying bombs and “Jihadist” books that the police recovered. Jamaat Leaders asserted that they congregated at that place from where they had been arrested to moan the death of one of their member with his family. They also added that the books and bombs did not belong to them and they never knew from where they came from and the police covered up that whole story. Professor Mujib and nine others were taken on remand as ordered by the court.“Sangram” 28.10.2010

47.  On October 5, a Pabna court granted bail to 27 Awami League (AL), Jubo League and Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) activists accused with the attack on government officials during the recruitment test for the deputy commissioner's office in Pabna on September 17.

48.  On October 23, it is reported that the file of the slain leader of the BNP also going to freezer as no improvement of the capture of criminals has yet been shown.

49.  On October 25 it was reported that a Pabna court yesterday granted bail to eight leaders and activists of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) and Jubo League in one of the two cases filed for the attack on government officials during the recruitment test for the deputy commissioner's (DC) office last month.

50.  On October 25, it came into report the bench of Justice M Imman Ali and Justice Obaidul Hasan made the observation while disposing of the writ petition filed by four Supreme Court lawyers seeking a directive for appointing the senior most Appellate Division judge as the chief justice.






Newspapers reported that 56 persons were killed in 346 different cases of political brutality in last 9 months.[8] In almost all of these clashes between different groups at least one party was the ruling Awami League or its branches e.g. Chattraleague or Juboleague . In many cases the clash was within the segments of Awami League.


1.      An Odhikar[9] report published on October 1 revealed that 90 people faced extra judicial killing in the last nine months. Among these 71 died by cross fire. 87 men are died under police custody. Odhikar expressed there deep concern that the incidences are increasing. Among these extrajudicial killings one report was found that a leader of  Awami League was killed while exchanging fire with the Rapid Action Battalion of police (RAB).[10] Meanwhile another newspaper reports that everyday one person is being killed extra judicially on an average[11].

2.      A BNP activist’s body was discovered in Chandpur district on September 30. His name is Anwar Hossain and he was 36. His family alleged that he was victim of a deliberate killing[12]. Just couple of days later another Jubodal (youth branch of BNP) leader was kiiled in Durgapur by an attack allegedly carried out by Awami League cadres.[13]

3.      Newspaper reports that killing has significantly increased on average around Dhaka city. It reports that in one day there had been 5 killings in Dhaka city.[14] Just couple of days later one newspaper reported that in Maghbazar area one Jubo League cadre was killed by Chhtra league (both are branches of Awami League)[15]. While another newspaper reports Chhtra league cadre was killed by Jubo League cadres[16]

4.      Awami League activists with sharp dagger, knife, steel rod,  beat to death Sanaullah Noor Babu, in 8th October during a BNP procession in Bonpara Bazar, Natore. He was  BNP-backed chairman of Boraigram upazila,. Around 50 AL activists equipped with firearms, sticks, iron rods and machetes swooped on the BNP procession and started beating the opposition men leaving 30 others including Bonpara Municipality Mayor Ishaq Ali and while taking photographs four journalists were injured. [17]

5.      A BNP activist was stabbed to death at Bankra of Jhikargachha in Jessore on October 13. The deceased was Alamgir Hossain, 22, a rickshaw-van puller. Local people alleged a Juba League activist, along with some others, had stabbed Alamgir over previous enmity. No one was arrested. No case was filed.  Another activist of the BNP has been stabbed to death at Nakla upazila in Sherpur over establishing supremacy in the locality. The police said the BNP activist, Unga Miah, 50, son of Bulu Munsi of Chithlia village under Ganapaddi union of the upazila was killed in the afternoon on October 12. The BNP has been blaming the local Awami League for the murder.

6.      In spite of the commitment by chief of BSF not to kill, killing of Bangladeshi citizens by Border Security Force (BF) is continuing. A report of Amar Desh reveals that at leas three Bangladeshi nationals are dead by shoot and beating on October 16. Earlier another Bangladeshi named Shadhon Coach is killed by BSF on October 3.

7.       A mother of a school going girl, Chapa Rani Bhoumik, is killed by running over a motor cycle although the memory of killing a college teacher, Mizanur, is still alive. The stalker killed her as she stood against the stalker.

8.       Army involved in a clash with villagers of Roopganj, Narayangonj on October 23. One of the bullet shot injured died in a hospital in Dhaka on Sunday morning while an eerie calm prevailed in the villages as most of the adult males fled home after the clashes fearing arrest. The clash triggers when the locals raised a procession agaist army as they create pressure to sell their lands at prices much lower than their actual prices.

9.      Most males in Rupganj and Kayetpara unions in Narayanganj fled homes on 27th October, 2010 in midnight for fear of arrest with links to Saturday's violence. The violence generated from Bangladesg Army’s initiation of the 'Army Officers' Housing Society' on 5,000 bighas of Rupganj Union three months ago as was the opinion of villagers. “Amardesh” 25.10.2010

10.  On October 24, 2010 it came into report October 12, two local youths attacked Mizanur, a chemistry teacher of Lokmanpur College in Bagatipara upazila, for protesting stalking of college girls.

11.  On October 24th 2010 it is came into report thousands of villagers fought pitched battles with law enforcers yesterday over “forced purchase of land” for an army housing scheme in Rupganj of Narayanganj. At least 50 people were injured, 15 of them bullet-hit.

12.  On October 24, 2010 it is came into report One of the wounded villagers of Rupganj upazila in Narayanganj, who had been hit by a bullet during a violent protest against forced purchase of land for a private housing project for army officers on Saturday, died in a hospital Villagers claimed that three local residents remained missing since Saturday's clashes in which around 10,000 of them became involved.

13.  On October 24, 2010 it is came into report after fighting for life for 12 days, Natore college teacher Mizanur Rashid died at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) Hospital early today.

14.  On October 26, 2010 it was reported that no male other than very elderly and children in Rupganj and Kayetpara unions of Narayanganj are staying home at night fearing arrest, as police and Rapid Action Battalion filed separate cases accusing 3,000 to 4,000 local residents following Saturday's clashes between the law enforcers and villagers. The men in hiding number in several thousand. Even some women of the villages went into the nearby swamps on Sunday night to hide from the law enforcers.


Assault on Press Freedom










Now a day’s Bangladeshi mass-media are going through a vulnerable situation. In October 2010 several unruly and unexpected incidents were grated high concern towards the press freedom of the country.


During this month, 5cases were filed against 14 journalists, 5 journalists were facing  detention, jail and financial punishment, 17 journalists assaulted and 13 of them injured severely, 15 cases filed from journalist’s side, 3 offices and branches vandalized and faced threats for five times. Almost rests of the incidents were conducted by government and its supportive activists and in some extents terrorists and miscreants.


1.      Within October 2010, 5 cases were filed againist journalists and news agencies. A case was filled against Editor of Daily Prothom-Alo, and its Panchgar correspondent. Government incorporating political wing , Jubo League leader Akter Hossain filed this case as a matter of defamation.(Daily Amardesh, 01.10).  At October 10, another case was filed against along with 3journalists, ex-minister and other 31 activists of BNP at Barura Upzilla of Comilla District.( The Daily Jugantor, 11.10) .

11th October, Government back political partys MP,  Abul Kalam Azad sent a legal notice to the prominent Bangali News Paper, Daily Jaijai Din for the sake of demanding tk 10 core as compensation and expressing conditionless sorry. Earlier this media published a report, which reflected negative image of him. (The Daily Prothom Alo, 12.10).  An extortion case was filed against 5 journalists of local news paper in Barishal. A group of BAL and BCL activists filed this case in Barishal city Court at 18 October.(The Daily Sangram, 19.10). 

Government back political party MP B. G. S K Abu Baker and his Son Erik Morshed filed a defamation case against Anowar Hossain, editor and publisher of The Daily Ittefaq and its two local correspondents. Earlier this paper published a report against MP and his son’s invalid power exercises. (The Daily Amar Desh, 26.10)

2.      Comparatively and in terms of rationality, during October, a significant amount of journalists physically assaulted and injured by political party leaders and activists. Consequently 15 cases were filed against attacker from journalists’ side. 

A complaint was lodged with Boraigram Police Station yesterday against 14 local leaders and workers of Awami League and Chhatra League for attacking journalists during the recent killing of local upazila parishad chairman Sanaullah Noor Babu. (The Daily Star, 18.10)\

3.      Consequences of various cases filed in earlier, 5 journalists were taken to jail and ordered for financial punishment. After detention of 37 days, media known journalist and reporter of The Daily Amardesh, Oliullah Noman freed from jail. A report of him earlier published in The Daily Amar Desh, titled on “Chember stands for stay government”. Then he was fined 1 month jail and another 7 days against for tk10000 by affiliate division of high court interms of committing contempt of court . (Daily Amardesh, 01.10). Another in reasoning with published news in 2005, Rajshai Judicial Court judge recently ordered 2 years jail of Principle Shabuddin, editor of the Daily Satmatha. An activist of Bangladesh Awamileague named Jalal Miya filed a defamation case against him in 2005.    (The Daily Sangram, 07.10) 

 The Supreme Court fined Mahmudur Rahman, acting editor of daily Amar Desh, Tk 100 for committing contempt of court by publishing a commentary. (The Daily Star, 11.10).  14 October,  Prominent Bangla news paper The Daily Amardesh publisher Hasmat Ali Hasu and Rajshai range Chief reporter M. Anisur Rahman recently presented at the court of Rajshai. Earlier Rajshai City treasurer of BAL filed a defamation case against them in reasoning with a published report. (The Daily Amardesh, 15.10)

4.      In October 2010, a significant amount of journalists physically and socially assaulted by both political parties and law enforcing authorities. October 2, A journalist at Jamalgonj upjilla of Sunamganj district, attacked by some terrorists, though the case was filed, but law enforcing authority not arrested them, even the attackers were directly moving. (The Daily Ittefaq, 03.10).  And on October 8, Along with upzilla Chairman and 35 activists of premier opposition party BNP, AL activist also assaulted and injured 4 journalists in Natore. AL and BCL activists captured camera by forcing and beaten the journalists while they were taking photos of AL attacks on BNP activists. (The Daily Prothom Alo, 09.10).

In Netrakona, editor of a Local daily news paper physically assaulted by some mischerients. Further he was arrested by police interms of the demand of mischerients. (The Daily Sangram, 11.10) . 11 October,  Jubo League (a government back political wing) cadres physically assaulted a journalist in Khulna. Consequently a charge sheet were finalized against three activists of the party, who are directly involved with this concern. (The Daily Sangram, 12.10). And  a photo journalist named Nannah severly injured by the attack of terrorists in Khulna. While he was going to home from completing the assignment, then became victim of the incident. (The Daily Sangram, 22.10).

 Police assaulted 4 journalists in Barishal, while they are performing the coverage of news in city area. (The Daily Jugantor, 23.10) . 25 October,  Two journalists namely, Nikhil Vadro, the senior reporter of The Daily Jay Jay Din, and Amitosh Pal of The Daily Kaler Kantha severely assaulted by traffic police at Farmgate in Dhaka. (The Daily Amar Desh, 26.10).

Kamran karim , A senior reporter of Baishakhi Television missing from the connection. On October 26 he left the house to office. But officials said on that very day he was not in office and his cell phone was not active. Family and office authority termed it as the evil act of political conspiracy of him.(The Daily Amar Desh, 27.10).

5. Several times in October, press freedoms were facing direct and indirect threats from government and influential authorities.  Prime minister’s adviser on health affairs Syed Modasser Ali again came down heavily on the media, saying some journalists were becoming monsters and providing misleading information. (The New Age, 06.10). Again news media are directly criticized by government side. The prime minister’s adviser on foreign affairs, Gawher Rizvi, said that some newspapers in Bangladesh speak for the owners, though freedom of the press ‘is not meant for the owners, but for the people. (New Age , 24.10).

 6. In reasoning to earlier published news, a so called Navy captain continously delevering threats of harrasment and death to five Journalists. ((The Daily Jugantor, 11.10.10).  Local correspondents of The Daily Amardesh and Daily Dinkal of Lalmonirhat district were faced threats of death by terrorists. Concerning two correspondents accused government back political party activists were doing such evil act. (The Daily Sangram, 13.10)

7. The Authority of Khulna University closed its press club. Earlier they expelled journalist from university due to report publishing against the authority. (The Daily Amardesh, 17.10)

8.  Government back party cadres’ smuggled the news papers from hawkers of The Daily Bangladesh Prothidin in Meherpur District.  Earlier this paper published news which proclaimed the unruly power exercise of Local MP of government party. (Daily Amardesh, 01.10). And a  group of BCL activists recently attacked a regional news paper office in Sylhet. Attacker vandalized office and looted important materials (The Daily Sangram, 08.10). 10 October, A motor cycle of The Daily Kaler Kantha local office at Mymonsingh stolen by mischirents. Consequently a case was filed by local office. (The Daily Kaler Kantha, 11,10.10)

9. On October 10, a human chain was conducted by journalists in Rupgonj in reasoning wilth the earlier attack of terrorists to local correspondent of The Daily Jugantor, named Mahbub Alam. (The Daily Jugantor, 11.10.10) . And journalists of Natore, held a human chain with binding their eyes against the oppressions. Earlier a complaint was lodged with Boraigram Police Station against 14 local leaders and workers of Awami League and Chhatra League for attacking journalists during the recent killing of local upazila parishad chairman Sanaullah Noor Babu.( The Daily New Age. 22.10).






Harassment and Torture



Most of the incidences of harassment in October occurred in the field of political rivalry. None among journalist, police, school teachers and women were free from torture.

1.       Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) leader beaten up a Shibir man in Rujshahi University. Rashedul Haque, the victim, is a 2nd year student of Population Science and Human Resource. He was rescued by police of Motihar Thana Police at the end of torture. This torture is the last episode of the continuous torture on Shibir men after BCL took control of RU. There are many incidences of attacking Shibir men in campus by BCL. On October 7 BCL assaulted two shibir men separately in JU and JNU. All these incidences occurred without any types of previous provocation. 

2.      At least five leaders of BNP district unit were injured as rival party men attacked them at the party office on October 2. The injured are district unit convener Mozaffar Hossain, joint conveners Haji Taher, Shamsuzzman Shamu, Saiful Islam, and Rejeka Sultana Fency. Mozaffar Hossain alleged that a number of so-called BNP activists led by joint conveners of the district unit Badrul Islam Chunnu and Shirin swooped on them when a meeting of the district unit was going on. Badrul denied the allegation.

3.      At least 20 BNP men were injured as AL activists equipped with lethal weapons attacked the house of Durgapur upazila BNP General Secretary Alam Bhuiyan at Jangail Bazar in the afternoon on October 18. In another incidence of attack by BCL on October 10 eleven JCD activist got injure in RU as BCL activists attacked in the peaceful procession of JCD

4.       Six policemen were injured as they came under attack by a group of Bangladesh Chhatra League activists at Daulatpur in Khulna city on October 2. The injured are traffic sergeant Rafiqul Islam, constables Shumon Howlader, Joydev Roy, Md Shariful Islam, Md Mamun Hossain and Mehedi Hasan. They are undergoing treatment at Khulna Police Hospital. They also attacked a police box at New Road intersection under the same police station causing extensive damage to it, said witnesses and the officer-in-charge (OC) of Daulatpur Police Station.

5.       BCL leaders abused policemen as they sought to see the license of motorbike of a BCL activist. Even at the end the assaulted policemen had to say sorry to the BCL leaders.

6.      Attack among rival groups of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) also seen in October. In B’baria bombs were blasted in a clash between two groups of BCL. On October 4, ten policemen were injured to intervene in the class between two goups of Awami League (AL) in Jhinaidah. On October 26, two groups of AL involved in clash in front of police. This led 11 to injure.

7.      On October 19, 70 general students of DU is beaten up by BCL as they didn’t take part in the procession of BCL. 40 students is ousted form Shahidullha Hall as they didn’t go to airport to participate in welcoming program to receive Prime Minister Shekh Hasina.

8.      A school teacher in Barisal is assaulted by BCL on October 18. In a bargain with a trivial issue the BCL activist prompted to attack him.

9.      The normal admission process of Kustia Islamic University is prevented upon attack of BCL men. They also attacked Shibir men when they come to protest the incidence.

10.  An Odhikar  report published on October 1 revealed 144jurnalist were victims of torture in the last nine month. Among them 3 were killed and other experience harassment when they were in service.

11.  The Bangabandhu Shangskritik Jot (Pro Awami League cultural group) alleged that the late president Ziaur Rahman was an war criminal. The also said that if Zia was alive he would have also brought under the current prosecution of war criminals.[18]

12.  A group of 40 – 45 Chhatra League and Juba League activists ravaged and demolished Hindu Idols of a Hindu temple in Majhirhaat, Chittagong. There had been some trivial dispute between the local Hindu fishermen. “Amardesh” 23.10.2010

13.  At least 15 people, including six women, were injured when Sramik League activists allegedly attacked the house of BNP joint secretary general Gayeshwar Chandra Roy at Banagram in South Keraniganj at evening on 13th October, 2010. “New Age” 25.10.2010

14.  3 injured demonstrators / villagers from Rupganj were taken away by the RAB. Their relatives are expecting them dead and want their bodies back for burial.­­                   “Amardesh” 23.10.2010

15.  Bangladesh Chhatra League cadres heavy assaulted 3 BNP members in Sylhet Agricultural University on 24th October, 2010. Allegation of repeated violence came from Islamic University and Mirzaganj. Two students were heavily injured in Islamic University.                     “Amardesh” 23.10.2010

16.  Fifteen people were injured as Islami Chhatra Shibir activists were attacked by Bangladesh Chhatra League activists clashed at Cox's Bazar Polytechnic Institute at Muhuripara under Sadar upazila on 24th October, 2010. “Sangram” 24.10.2010

17.  BNP leader Altaf Chowdhury arrived Patukhali by air owing to the road block turned on by Chhatra League to prevent his coming on 25th October, 2010. “New Age” 24.10.2010

18.  In Chouddogram, Comilla a Juba League Cadre slashed one innocent person as a show down in the locality on 26th October, 2010. On 27th October, a Jamaat activist’s vein was cut and fingers were ripped apart by local Awami Cadres. “Amar Desh” 27.10.2010

19.  A local leader of BNP was injured in an attack allegedly by Awami League men at Pakhimara under Kalapara upazila in Patuakhali on 26th October, 2010. “New Age” 26.10.2010

20.   An Islamic university teacher was assaulted by some activists of the Chhatra League, the ruling Awami League’s associate body of students, in Jhenaidah on 27th October, 2010 “New Age” 27.10.2010

21.  BNP office at Amtali, Barguna has been ravaged and looted by a Chhatra League Cadre. The rampage took place on 28th October, 2010 leaving 3 injured. “Amardesh” 28.10.2010

22.  On the day on admission test, 28th October, 2010, Chhatra league “greets” the potential freshers with assaulting a News Reporter running havoc in the DU campus.                   “Sangram” 28.10.2010





Vandalizing and Looting



1.      Awami League leaders have grabbed a place which was used for burning the dead according to the Hindu and other indigenous community since very long time in the Fatehpur Marash village of Nababganj Upazilla of  Dinajpur district.[19] The Dinajpur chapter of the Human Rights Congress for Minorities verified the incident later on.

2.      Five dormitory rooms of activists of Islami Chhatra Shibir was totally vandalized by Chhatra League cadres in Government Sadat College of Tangail in 6th October.[20] All assets of these rooms including books and furniture was demolished. Two activists of Shibir was beaten and their mobile phone was taken away when they were trying to reach the principles home to tell him about the attack.

3.      Awami League leaders vandalized the Upazilla Nirbahi Officers (UNO-chief executive at the sub-district level) office in Kahalu Upazilla of Bogra district. The government party leaders was demanding that their people to get the tender of OMS project from the UNO. As he was not hearing to their demand they damaged the office and harass and threat the officers.[21]

4.      As the authority did not allow them to copy in the exam, Chhatra League cadres in Kurigram Govt. college destroyed doors, windows and furniture of the college. While 10 students were injured in this attack. They vandalized many dept. of the college and threatened teachers.[22]

5.      Chhatra League Cadres vandalized Amin Complex in the commercial area of Brhmanbaria city. This was in reaction of filing a case against the secretary of district Awami League. The cadres also looted different costly equipments along with 1.5 lakh taka.[23]

6.      A group of youths, allegedly activists of Awami League, roamed about three villages in Mirzaganj upazila on motorcycles brandishing weapons and attacking shops and houses on their way on Friday.  Upazila BNP secretary Ahsanullah said the motorcycle riders had attacked at least 30 shops and houses of local BNP activists at Masjid Bari, Kakrabunia and Bhoiang villages in the morning damaging doors and windows and terrorising villagers.

7.      Development of Magura Bus Terminal has been shut down by Juba League and Chhatra League. Chhatra League and Juba league leaders accuse the tender offering process of lacking transparency. Alamgir Hossain, the owner of Onti Enterprise who got the tender for the lowest price he offered said that his involvement with BNP is the reason of such accusation against such a transparent official process of tender call.  Such hold over against the development of Bus Terminal caused misery to the whole transportation system in the Zilla of Magura. “Prothom Alo” 25.10.2010

8.      Parliament member and Awami Leader, Mr. Kamal Ahmed Mojumdar has taken over forcibly the 5 Katha land allocated for a cancer hospital to be built Ahsania Mission for poor people in this month. “Prothom Alo” 25.10.2010

9.      On 26.10.2010, 30 to 35 Juba league members attacked and injured BNP demonstrators while taking part in a peaceful rally in Kalapara, Patuakhali. The vandals looted the cash boxes before they burned down a few shops and stores owned by a local BNP leader. “Jugantor: page 1”: 26.10.2010

10.  A clash between two rival groups of Chhatra League in Rajshahi University left 2 injured. The nearby highway was blocked while the clash took place. “Sangram” 26.10.2010

11.  A decision to remove Court Mosque in Jhenaidah Zilla by District Comissioner Rama Rani Roy and government officials Probir Kumar Chakrabarti and Niranjan Kumar infuriated local Muslim community for such a blatant assault on their right to practice their religion. DC Roy retained her position to break down the mosque and establish an office for Election Commission saying that the allotment of land for present mosque was “illegal”.“Amardesh”- 28 .10.2010


Assault on Women

1.      The BNP backed Upazilla vice chairman (female quota)  was forced to leave her locality due to the pressure from the local Jubo League and Chhatra League cadres. She was constantly being threatened for not accepting some irregularities by the Chairman. She secretly left the locality to save herself.[24]

2.      The widowed wife of the  BNP leader and Upazilla chairman of Braigram alleged that the killers who are identified in the video footage are moving completely untouched and they are threatening the family. She also alleged that the prime ministers statement about this killing is fake.[25]

3.      Critically injured college teacher Mizanur Rashid who protested against the eve teasing died in the Intensive Care Unit of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University at around 1:00am on October 24.[26]

4.      Stalkers killed a mother at Madhukhali in Faridpur and severely injured two brothers in Chandpur for their protest at harassment of girls on October 27[27]. In Faridpur, Champa Rani Biswas, 52, was killed in the evening when a stalker riding a motorcycle ran into her after she had protested at the harassment of her daughters.




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