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Edit Date:12/30/2010 12:00:00 AM



Human rights situation in Bangladesh has been worsening day by day and this is very alarming as to a significant stage the rights are being violated by the state itself. From bureaucracy to professionals, public procurement to conducting of public examination, politicization and criminalization are going rampantly everywhere. Various institutions are objected to malfunctioning at political will causing further deterioration of institutionalization contrary to the good governance and a healthy culture. Lax law enforcement panics people.

The following statistics is giving a rough idea of the human rights violation of last six months

Statistics of Human Rights violations 

(January 01-June30'2010)

Human Rights Violation

Total number of victims


Extrajudicial killing



Journalist Injured





Killed due to political violence



TV channel closed



Daily newspaper closed



Politically motivated mass arrest


2000 (around)




Dowry violence



Acid violence








 Concern of the Human Rights Organizations

Many national and international Human Rights Organizations showed their concerns as to the recent human rights status in Bangladesh such as:



The said statement contains that, “The government of Bangladesh must refrain from arbitrary mass arrests, which appear to have been directed only at the opposition student activists. Criminal investigations must be impartial, regardless of the suspect’s political affiliation or party membership..................................”[2]

2. In another report published on their website, Amnesty International claimed that, Bangladeshi security forces used excessive force during raid.[3] In this report, Amnesty accused specially the Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) for their violent attack.

3. Human Rights Watch also expresses anxiety about ongoing human rights condition of Bangladesh. It stated, “Bangladesh authorities violated both freedom of expression and due process of law”. The organization called upon the government of Bangladesh to ensure impartial investigation to be conducted into allegation.[4]




This report contains some news published in different newspaper in August, 2010 in Bangladesh. These selective news reports are portraying the political harassment and oppression against the opposition parties as well as government attitude.





October 01

346 political clashes, 56 killed in 9 months (Prothom Alo)

Shibir activist beaten and handed to police at RU (Daily Nayadiganta)

AL leader killed in gunfight with RAB at Khulna (Amader Somoy)

50 students expelled from hall at late night accused of not joining the PM reception ceremony (Sangram)

Honest journo Noman returned after 37 days of imprisonment (Amar Desh)

5 Jamaat activists arrested again at Pabna (Amar Desh)

BCL fury: DU students return to hall (The Dailystar)

Jamaat petition hearing on Oct 4 (New Age)

Case filed against Prothom Alo Editor and Panchagar correspondence (Naya Diganta)

Newspaper hijacked at Meherpur due to the news against MP Jainal published in the Daily Bangladesh Pratidin  (Naya Diganta)

Defamation case against lawyer Fakhrul Islam (Prothom Alo)

Condition deteroriates of the injured shibir leader at IU

Warrant issued for arrest of Jamaat leader on sedition charge (New Age)

A Munshiganj court on Thursday issued warrant for the arrest of Syed Abdullah Mohammad Taher, a member on the central majlish-e-shura of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, in a sedition case.

Policemen beaten when asked for license by BCL activists at Khulna  (Prothom Alo)

13 chattra shibir activists arrested at Mowlovibazar (Prothom Alo)

ACC discharged the litigation against barrister Taposh (19 page) (Ittefaq)

Warrant issued against Dr. Taher in the lese-majesty case at Munshiganj (Amader Somoy)

2 Pabna ADCs made OSD

The government yesterday withdrew two more officials from Pabna and made them officers on special duty (OSDs) following the row between the district administration and ruling party men centring the September 17 attack on government officers.

October 02


Extra judicial killing: one in every three days (Prothom Alo)

95 killed in 9 months while in custody (Ittefaq)


90 killed in 9 months without trial, reported Ohikar (Kaler Kantha)

Shibir activist beaten again by Chhatra League at RU (Amar Desh)

13 shibir activists arrested while preparing for rally at Moulavibazar (Prothom Alo)

BNP activist killed at Hajiganj (Prothom Alo)


Police sergent beaten by Chhatra League activists at Khulna, police box ranksacked (Naya Diganta)



Warrant issued against Jaynal Abedin Faruk and two MPs (Naya Diganta)

Clashes between two groups of AL, 5 injured (Ittefaq)

BNP leader injured with sharp weapon at Barisal (Ittefaq)

Jamat leader arrested in Mirpur (19) (Ittefaq)

Policemen beaten by BCL activists: when asked for license (3)  (Jugantar)


Juba League activists grab widows land (New Age)

Juba League activists in Khorouskhol union under Cox’s Bazar upazila on Thursday grabbed a plot of land owned by a widow of Kawarpara village by hanging photographs of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman



October 03

Govt involved in kidnap of Chy Alam: Delwar

13 shibir activist arrested at Moulavibazar (Amar Desh)

Attack on journo Touhid at Jamalganj, accused yet to be arrested (Naya Diganta)

1 extra judicial killing every three days: rights groups (New Age)

BNP leader injured with sharp weapon of Jubaleague leader (Prothom Alo)

13 Shibir men arrested in Moulvibazar

Police arrested 13 activists of Islami Chhatra Shibir (ICS) at a house in Teligul area at Baralekha upazila headquarter on Friday. (The Daily Star)


5 Rangpur BNP leaders hurt by rival party men

At least five leaders of BNP district unit were injured as rival party men attacked them at the party office yesterday evening. (The Daily Star)

Complaint filed against 14 AL men

A complaint was lodged with Boraigram Police Station yesterday against 14 local leaders and workers of Awami League and Chhatra League for attacking journalists during the recent killing of local upazila parishad chairman Sanaullah Noor Babu. (The Daily Star)

Section 144 imposed at meeting place of BNP (Naya Diganta)

8 Jamaat-Shibir activists condemned in Sherpur (Prothom Alo)

Babor arrested in ten-truck weapon case (Prothom Alo)

Six cops hurt in BCL attack in Khulna

Six policemen were injured as they came under attack by a group of Bangladesh Chhatra League activists at Daulatpur in Khulna city on Friday night. (The Daily Star)


October 04

Efforts to find BNP leader Chy Alam: Home Minister (Naya Diganta)

Chairman of Kanaghat Upazilla and UNO imprisoned by AL activists (Sangram)

6 GDs filed against SQC at Chittagong by businessman (Prothom Alo)

Attack by AL activists not getting demanded extortion at Rupganj: 10 injured (Naya Diganta)


Lese Majeste case filed against Br Fakhrul  (Naya Diganta)

Killing increased, 5 killed in capital in a day (Ittefaq)

Clash between two groups of Chhatra League at B Baria, bomb exploded, 5 injured (Jugantar)

8 Jamaat activists sentenced accused of rallying (Sangram)

Police sergent beaten by Chhatra League activists at Khulna, police box ranksacked (Sangram)

8 Jamaat-Shibir leaders imprisoned in sherpur (Prothom Alo)

35 postponement proposals by opposition party, rejected (Amader Somoy)

Clash between two groups of AL at Jhinaidaha: 10 including policemen injured, 3 arrested (Amader Somoy)

Extortion received tk 10 lakhs everyday from footpath by HL (Amader Somoy)

Clash between two groups of  Chhatra League at B Baria, bomb exploded, 5 injured (Jugantar)

35 postponement proposals by opposition party, rejected (Kaler Kantha)



October 05

Burning ground seized by AL leaders at Dinajpur (Naya Diganta)

Jamaat leader Soibur on remand (Naya Diganta)

Journo attacked at Barisal (Amader Somoy)

AL president of Kamal nagar Upazilla of laksmipur accused of demanding taka 3 lakhs and 60 thousand from a local person by getting his signature in white paper. (Prothom Alo)


Engineer beaten by Chhatra League leader at Barhatta (Naya Diganta)

47 activists discharged from murder case at Chittagong (Jugantar)

Clash between two groups of BCL at Barisal & Pabna, 30 injured (Jugantar)

Crore taka employment business runs at civil surgen office of pabna: 74 post appointed by lobbying (Amar Desh)

Policemen murder in chitagong: 47 AL-BCL activists discharged from the case due the appeal of the govt (Amar Desh)

8 teahchers of BNP-Jamaat ordered to show cause: Conspiracy to loot the money of selling admission form at SUST (Amar Desh)



October 06


Modasser Ali continues to bash media (New Age)

Prime ministers adviser on health affairs Syed Modasser Ali on Tuesday again came down heavily on the media, saying some journalists were becoming monsters and providing misleading information.

Clash between Chhatraleague-Chhatra Moitree at Rajshahi New Govt. Degree College: 10 injured (Naya Diganta)

Clash between Chhatraleague-Chhatra Moitree at Rajshahi New Govt. Degree College: 10 injured (Amar Desh)

Attack on Employment examination at pabna: 25 BCL-JL activists accused of attack on administration got in bail (Amar Desh)

8 activists including Amir e Jamaat imprisoned in Sherpur (Prothom Alo)

27 accused bailed in Pabna incident (Prothom Alo)

Kamruzzaman & Kadermullah sent to jail (Prothom Alo)


27 AL men granted bail in one case

A Pabna court granted bail yesterday to 27 Awami League (AL), Jubo League and Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) activists accused with the attack on government officials during the recruitment test for the deputy commissioner's office in Pabna on September 17. (The Daily Star)



October 07

Kamaruzzaman and Kader Mollah on police remand (Prothom Alo)

Two students suspecting shibir beaten by Chhatra League at Jagannath University (Kaler Kantha)

Two students suspecting shibir beaten by Chhatra League at Jagannath University (Sangram)

Madrasha students won’t get opportunity to get admitted into BKU this year again (Amar Desh)

Babar shown arrest, CID applied 10 days remand (Amar Desh)

Defamation case: Daily Satmatha editor sentenced for rigorous imprisonment, sent to jail (Sangram)

4 journo’s motorcycle ranksacked (Ittefaq)

JCD activist injured severly by BCL attack at Sylhet (Naya Diganta)

Clash between two groups of Jubaleague at Bagha (Kaler Kantha)

Jubadal leader died in the attack of AL activists at Durgapur (Sangram)

BCL men stab JCD activist in Sylhet

An activist of Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal (JCD) was stabbed allegedly by Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) men on Sylhet Government College campus yesterday afternoon. (The Daily Star)

26 student and Jubaleage activists bailed in the Employment examination foil case at Pabna (Naya Diganta)

Defamation case: Daily Satmatha editor sentenced for rigorous imprisonment, sent to jail (Amader Somoy)


October 08

Artaries of BNP leader cut down by Jubaleague activists at Noapara of Jessore (Naya Diganta)

10-12 unidentified corpse found everyday (Amar Desh)

Two Jamaat leaders on 2-day remand (New Age)

Newspaper office attacked by Chhatra League at Sylhet (Naya Diganta)


Upazilla chairman killed at Baraigram of nature, 40 injured (Prothom Alo)

Shibir rooms attacked, ranksacked by Chhatra League at Sadat College, Tangail (Naya Diganta)

Jubaleague leader killed by Chhatra League activists at Moghbazar (Ittefaq)

Former MP and BNP leader attacked by terrorist (Ittefaq)

Chhatra League leader killed by Jubaleague activists in the capital (Sangram)

Case, complaints against CS follow heartbreak

A Pabna court issued a show cause notice to the district's civil surgeon yesterday after a jobseeker filed a case against the official for violating the freedom fighters' family quota in hiring office staff. (The Daily Star)

JL leader murdered for Red cesent tender (Jugantar)


October 09

Upazilla Chairman chopped-beaten to death (Prothom Alo)

Upazilla Chiarman killed by AL attack (Naya Diganta)

Janasanghati Leader killed in brushfire at Rangamati (Ittefaq)

Parents and brother of Jubaleague Leader Ibrahim questioned (Ittefaq)

New Age

AL men attack BNP marchers, kill upazila chairman
Upazilla chairman Babu killed by the combined attack of AL, Chhatra League and Juba league at Baraigram of Natore, 40 including 4 journos injured (Sangram)

Female Upazilla Chairman leaves area to avoid the fury of Jubaleage and Chhatraleaue atBakerganj (Naya Diganta)

6 electricians including engineer insulted by Jubaleague leader

JP leader accused of land grab at Khilkhet

Home ministry allowed to file lese-majesty case against SQC (Amar Desh)

Contractor injured by the attack of JL cadres in Shebachem (Jugantar)

SUST’s BCL activists boasted: We ll stay and eat for free of cost (Amar Desh)


October 10

Jamaat Ameer of Balipara union sent to jail (Naya Diganta)

More than 300 BNP men left home due to the torture of AL at Raipura (Naya Diganta)




Jamaat meeting attacked by AL at Maheshpur: 5 injured (Naya Diganta)

Clash between two groups of Chhatra League at Tejgaon College, 5 including police injured (Ittefaq)

Hearing adjourned for fifth time

A Dhaka court yesterday adjourned the hearing on charge framing for the fifth time against detained former state minister for home Lutfozzaman Babar in connection with a tax evasion case. (The Daily Star)

October 11

Three died in police custody

Defamation of court: Mahmudur Rahman fined taka one hundred (Prothom Alo)

Newspaper editor beaten by the gamblers, handed to police at Netrokona (Sangram)

Case filed against 31 including Ministers, journos at Barura of Comilla (Jugantar)

Human chain protesting the attack on Jugantor journo (Jugantar)

5 journos threatened by a so-called Nevy Captain (Jugantar)

Motorcycle stolen from Mymensingh office of Kaler Kantha (Kaler Kantho)

case filed against 31 people including Former education minister, MP & journalist of Borura thana (Amader Somoy)



Bail prayers of two Jamaat leaders rejected

Detained two assistant secretaries general of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Muhammad Kamaruzzaman and Abdul Quader Molla were sent to jail yesterday in a case filed for preventing police from discharging duties during hartal hours on June 27.  (The Daily Star)


Legal notice to Daily jaijaidin by an MP (Prothom Alo)

Mahmudur convicted again, fined Tk 100

The Supreme Court yesterday convicted Mahmudur Rahman, acting editor of the daily Amar Desh, of contempt of court for the second time, and fined him Tk 100. (The Daily Star)

Torturing journalists: Charge Sheet against three Jubaleague leaders (Sangram)

BNP Rally hindered by Police at Munshiganj (Naya Diganta)


October 12

Killers still at large

Natore police yesterday identified 16 people from video footage of the Friday's attack that killed Boraigram upazila chairman Sanaullah Noor Babu, but arrested only one of them in this connection. (The Daily Star)

Killers in frame

The TV grabs show how Boraigram upazila chairman and local BNP leader Sanaullah Noor Babu was brutally beaten to death Friday allegedly by AL men. The police so far have identified 16 of the 27 accused from the videotape. One was arrested, but main accused Zakir Hossain, identified in red circle, stayed out of police reach. (The Daily Star)

Train on people: 7 killed: Train torched by the agitated people (Naya Diganta)

Release of 22 killers results in the killing of Babu: Lawyers forum (Naya Diganta)

Train torched after it kills 5 BNP men (New Age)

Section 144 imposed as Jubaleague and Jubadal announced counter programs at Durgapur of Rajshahi (Prothom Alo)

Clash between two groups of Chhatra league, 10 injured (Ittefaq)

9 Jamaat activists arrested in sherpur (Prothom Alo)


October 13

9 Jamaat activists arrested at Sherpur (Naya Diganta)
 Four cases filed accusing torching train: 20 BNP activists arrested (Naya Diganta)

Acting Upazilla Chairmen chopped to death (Kaler kantha)

5,000 sued, 20 held, 1 more body identified

Six cases were filed and 20 persons were arrested yesterday in connection with the attack on an intercity train and setting it ablaze on Monday nearby a rally venue of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia at Soidabad in Sirajganj.  (The Daily Star)

Killers still at large

After five days of the killing of Baraigram upazila chairman Sanaullah Noor Babu, police failed to arrest any prime accused in the case till yesterday evening. (The Daily Star)

Amar desh and Dinkal journos threatened to be killed at Lalmonirhat (Sangram)

15 apparel workers hurt in police attack on protest rally (New Age)

9 Jamaat activists arrested at Sherpur (Sangram)

Section 144 imposed on the meeting place of Jubadal-Jubaleague at Rajshahi (Sangram)

10 Jamaat men arrested (New Age)

The police arrested 10 Jamaat-e-Islami activists including brother of Jamaat assistant secretary general Qamaruzzaman in Sherpur town early Tuesday.

`Rivals kill BNP man in Sherpur

The police said the BNP activist, Unga Miah, 50, son of Bulu Munsi of Chithlia village under Ganapaddi union of the upazila was killed on Tuesday afternoon. The BNP has been blaming the local Awami League for the murder.

October 14

7 cases filed accusing BNP & Chhatro dol leaders (Prothom Alo)

khaleda to leave cantonment house (Prothom Alo)

26 more arrested in Shirajgong incident (Ittefaq)

BCL attacked & destroyed RMC’s residential hostel (Ittefaq)

UNO office attacked, ranksacked led by AL leader at Kahalu, Bogra (Amar Desh)

9 Jamaat activisits on 2 day remand at Sherpur (Amader Somoy)

6 case filed accusing more than 5 thousand in the Train killing incident (Sangram)


AL in power, no worries

Awami League lawmaker of Baraigram-Gurudaspur constituency Abdul Quddus yesterday assured his party men accused in the BNP leader Sanaullah Noor Babu murder case of "trouble-free" future. (The Daily Star)

Police to follow the orders of AL leaders and activists, said Abdul Kuddus MP of Baraigram (Prothom Alo)



UNO office attacked, ranksacked led by AL leader at Kahalu, bogra (Naya Diganta)


Case filed against Khaleda Zia in the Sirajganj incidence (Naya Diganta)



Chhatra Dal attacked by Chhatra league at IU, 5 injured (Naya Diganta)

6 BNP leaders sued, 32 more held

Six central leaders of main opposition BNP were sued yesterday on charges of damaging state property, setting fire on a train and obstructing government officials in performing duties here on Monday. (The Daily Star)

7 central BNP leaders sued over train attack (New Age)

Seven central Bangladesh Nationalist Party leaders were sued in Sirgajganj on Wednesday on charges of plotting attack on intercity express train Drutajan near the venue of a BNP rally in the district on Monday.


October 15

Chhatradal could not arrange condolence meeting in the fear of arrest (Prothom Alo)

Amar Desh publisher and correspondence appeared before court at Rajshahi (Amar Desh)

Section 144 imposed up to 12pm at Chougasa (Prothom Alo)

Chhatra league ranksacked Kurigram Govt college for not getting opportunity of copying: 10 injured (Naya Diganta)


Tareq-Koko to be brought under tribunal: Law minister (Naya Diganta)

BNP activist killed (New Age)

A BNP activist was stabbed to death at Bankra of Jhikargachha in Jessore on Wednesday night. The deceased was Alamgir Hossain, 22. He was stabbed to death by some unnamed miscreants near the Bankra Girls High School about 7:00pm on Wednesday.Local people alleged a Juba League activist, along with some others, had stabbed Alamgir over previous enmity.


7 more BNP men arrested in train torching incident (New Age)

Seven more BNP leaders and activists were arrested Friday evening from different areas of Sirajganj for torching a train on October 11 after five people were killed under the inter-city Drutajan Express.


October 16

Police foiled the cultural program of Saimum (Naya Diganta)

Clash between Chhatra league and Chhatra Dal at RU, 8 injured (Prothom Alo)

Clash between two groups of Chhatra league at RMC, closed (Ittefaq)

Clash between two groups of Chhatra league at RMC, ranksacked, torched fire, 5 injured (Jugantar)

Chhatra dal meeting attacked by Chhatra League at RU, 20 injured (Jugantar)

Who is the next target? Panic among the representatives: We don’t feel ourselves safe: City Mayor (Amar Desh)


BNP holds demo, faces police obstruction at places (New Age)

  The protest programme passed off peacefully but at places, including Natore town, the police obstructed holding of demonstrations. The police halted a BNP procession led by its district unit president Ruhul Quddus Talukdar Dulu

Barisal court summons Fakhrul in sedition case (New Age)

A Barisal court on Sunday summoned Fakhrul Islam, lawyer for Jamaat-e-Islami leaders arrested on war crime charges, in a case lodged against him on charge of sedition.

BCL men beat up 2 students at SUST (New Age)

Activists of the Bangladesh Chhatra League, associate student organisation of ruling Awami League, beat up two students on the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology campus on Sunday.

Police foiled the cultural program of Saimum (Amar Desh)

Section 144 imposed at Gabtali of Bogra (Prothom Alo)



October 17

Two Bangladesh killed by BSF’s fire (Kaler Kantha)

Teacher attacked by the Jubaleague actitists died at Feni (Naya Diganta)

Rickshawpullar beaten to death by AL leader at Nalitabari (Naya Diganta)

6 cops suspended for attacking puja mandap (New Age)

Authority closed KU press club (Naya Diganta)

5 shibir men arrested while postering to release the Jamaat leaders at Chandina (Sangram)

Zia is war criminal, brought under tribunal if alive (Naya Diganta)



Another case filed in the incidence of torching train at Sirajganj (Naya Diganta)

Case filed against more than 200 BNP activists at Puthia (Naya Diganta)

Jubadal meeting attacled by Chhatra and Jubaleage at Gafargaon: 10 injured (Amar Desh)

Chhatra dal attacked by Chhatra League at IU: 15 injured (Amar Desh)

Car rally of BNP leader attacked at Kachua: 3 injured (Amar Desh)

Jubo dol council baffled by the attack of unkown men in Gafargaon, 15 injured (Amader Somoy)

October 18


Chhatradal Leader chopped to death at Rajbari (Amader Somoy)

SI closed: acused of burning banner of Puja at Sherpur (Naya Diganta)

Babu killing at Natore: 1of the 47 accused arrested in 8 days (Naya Diganta)

Khandkar Mahbub Hossen is a representative of DGFI: Syed Ashraf (Naya Diganta)



2 more detained in Sirajganj rain blaze case 59, mostly BNP men, detained so far (New Age)

Nizam member on the War Criminal list although born five years later of liberation war (Naya Diganta)

5 Shibir men arrested while postering at Chandina (Naya Diganta)

Attack on Journlaists: case filed against 14 AL activists at Natore (Amar Desh)

Bdgum Zia must leave the house of Cantonment: Maya (Naya Diganta)



Two BNP activists can’t open their shop as they did not meet the demand of extortion at Natore (Naya Diganta)

Babu killing of Natore: one among the 47 arrested in 8 days (New Age)


More than 13 thousand accused in 8 cases in the Sirajganj incidence, BNP-Jamaat activists are away from home (Sangram)

One more Shibir man held at RU

Motihar police yesterday arrested one more Islami Chhatra Shibir cadre on Rajshahi University (RU) campus in connection with February 9 violence. (The Daily Star)


October 19

16 more arrested in Sirajgong incident (Prothom Alo)

SQC can be arrested: Sajeda Chy (Naya Diganta)

Upazila Chairman killed at Natore: Killers roam around freely while his family threatened (Prothom Alo)

Police refused to record the case of torturing journo at Natore (Amader Somoy)

50 students beaten by Chhatra League at DU for not attending the rally of SK Russel’s Birthday (Amader Somoy)

School teacher beaten by AL activists at Barisal (Kaler Kantha)

70 students beaten by Chhatra league for absenting rally  (Amar Desh)

Police to find 350 BNP activists in the incident of torching train (Amar Desh)

Case filed against 5 journos accusing extortion at Barisal (Sangram)

No ways to compromise with Khaleda’s home: AL ministers and leaders (Prothom Alo)

Attack on BNP leader's house in Netrakona, 20 injured

At least 20 BNP men were injured as AL activists equipped with lethal weapons attacked the house of Durgapur upazila BNP General Secretary Alam Bhuiyan at Jangail Bazar yesterday afternoon. (The Daily Star)



October 20

1 arrested in 12 days, others remain unidentified (Prothom Alo)

Cops have evidence of AL men's involvement

While the Natore Awami League and the local MP are trying to portray the murder of BNP leader Sanaullah Noor Babu as a sequel to BNP's internal feud, the investigators are certain that the ruling party activists had committed the offence.  (The Daily Star)

Wife of Babu on Press conference: Killers roam around freely, threaten the family

PM’s speech on the killing is imaginary: Delwar (Amar Desh)

76 of BNP-Jamaat arrested on Sirajganj incidence (Amar Desh)

2        Jamaat leaders arrested at Sirajganj (Sangram)


Sixteen more people detained in Sirajganj train blaze case (New Age)

Police detained 16 more persons, including the former district president of the Jatiyotabadi Jubodal Rakibul Hassan Ratan,

Ranksack, loot by Chhatra League at B Baria (Naya Diganta)



October 21

College teacher beaten, severly injured by Eve teaser (Prothom Alo)

Hindu Idol ranksacked led by AL leader at Narail: 3 arrested (Amar Desh)

Jamaat leader sent to jail in the lese-majesty case at Nilphamari (Sangram)


Sec 144 in Netrakona

Kendua upazila administration in Netrakona district imposed Section 144 at Gopalpur High School ground and its adjoining areas under from 6:00am to midnight as BNP Kendua upazila unit and Juba League Bolaishimul union unit convened meetings meetings at the same venue and at same time. (The Daily Star)

AL will protect if BNP starts movement: Hanif (Prothom Alo)


Teacher injured by stalkers dies

The college teacher, who was attacked and injured allegedly by stalkers on October 12 in Natore, yesterday succumbed to his injuries at BSMMU hospital in Dhaka. (The Daily Star)

4 more detained in Sirajganj train blaze case (New Age)

The police detained four more BNP men on early Wednesday from Kazipur, Belkuchi and Sadar upazilas in Sirajganj for allegedly looting, vandalising and finally torching the coaches of an inter-city express on October 11.

No recommendation to discharge BNP activists cases (Prothom Alo)

Recommendation of 105 cases to be discharged (Prothom Alo)

Jamaat activist arrested while postering at Jhinaidaha (Naya Diganta)

5 more BNP leaders arrested, accused of setting fire in train in Sirajganj (Ittefaq)

6 thousand cases discharged already, 105 more to be discharged



October 22

Photo journo Nanna injured severly by terrorist attack at Khulna (Sangram)

Human Chain observed at Natore, Journalists protest against torture (Amader Somoy)

14 AL men sued for assault of newsman in Natore (New Age)

Section 144 imposed at Valuka as BNP-AL announced meeting in the same place (Naya Diganta)

Zia was an intruder in the liberation of war: State minister of Law (Naya Diganta)

AL’s two party clash before policemen in Bogra, 10 injured (Amader Somoy)

Chittagong vaterinery university yet open: 400 students lives in uncertainity for BCL’s strike (Amar Desh)


October 23

Khondoker Delwar takes phensedyl: Hanif (Amar Desh

Babu killing case becomes sluggish (Naya Diganta)

15 minorities injured by the attack of AL activists at Chittagong: Accused of ranksacking Mandir and Idols (Amar Desh)

Attack on Gayeshwars house, 15 hurt (New Age)


Gathering banned at Bhaluka, Katiadi over AL, BNP programmes (New Age)

4 journos insulted by Police at Barisal (Jugantar)

4 BNP activists injured by the attack of Chhatra League-Juba league at Mirjaganj (Naya Diganta)

Alleged AL men attack houses, shops of BNP activists (
New Age)

A group of youths, allegedly activists of Awami League, roamed about three villages in Mirzaganj upazila on motorcycles brandishing weapons and attacking shops and houses on their way on Friday.


October 24

Clash between public and Police-RAB, 50 injured  (Kaler Kantha)

Army-villagers clash over land: 30 shot (Naya Diganta)

Army, villagers clash over land, 50 injured (New Age)

At least 50 people sustained bullet wounds as villagers protesting at being forced to sell their lands for an army housing project in the area, clashed with security forces at Roopganj all day Saturday.

SANAULLAH MURDER Mohua wants judicial probe (New Age)

No accused in the Sanaullah Nur Babu murder case has been arrested since prime minister Sheikh Hasina remarked that the killing was an outcome of internal feud in the of local BNP.

Section 144 imposed at Rajbari as BNP-AL announced meeting in the same place (Naya Diganta)

Some newspapers speak for the owners: Gawher Rizvi (New Age)

Khaleda Zia is responsible for the Rupganj incidence: Hanif (Naya Diganta)

Chhatra Shibir attacked by Chhatra League at Cox’s bazaar, 15 injured (Sangram)

Jubo Dal leader killed in Sherpur

A local Jubo Dal leader was killed allegedly by Awami League activists at Chatrakona village in Nokla upazila yesterday. (The Daily Star)

7 hurt as BCL, Shibir clash in Cox's Bazar

At least seven people were injured as Islami Chhatra Shibir and Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) activists clashed at Cox's Bazar Polytechnic Institute at Muhuripara under Sadar upazila yesterday. (The Daily Star)

Jubadal Leader killed at Sherpur (Amar Desh)

Rupganj flies into fury

Thousands of villagers fought pitched battles with law enforcers yesterday over “forced purchase of land” for an army housing scheme in Rupganj of Narayanganj. (The Daily Star)


October 25

Garments factory on the land of hospital! Grabbed by Kamal Ahmed Majumder MP (Prothom Alo)

One died in Rupganj (Prothom Alo)

Police raid on Jamaat office (Prothom Alo)

Rupganj Incidence: 1 died, 2 missing, accused 4 thousand (Naya Diganta)

Mizanur Rahman who protested and got beaten by the Eve teaser passed away (Prothom Alo)

Student beaten, injured severly, by two Chhatra League activists at SUST (Prothom Alo)

Some dailies speak for owners

said Prime Minister's Foreign Affairs Adviser Dr Gawher Rizvi yesterday. (The Daily Star)


BNP rallies foiled in 3 dists as Section 144 imposed (New Age)

The main opposition, Bangladesh Nationalist Party, could not hold its scheduled protest rallies at least in three districts Jessore, Jhenaidah and Rajbari on Sunday due to imposition of section 144.

Many villagers flee homes

Most males in Rupganj and Kayetpara unions in Narayanganj fled homes last night for fear of arrest with links to Saturday's violence. (The Daily Star)

Missing in violence

Swapan Molla asked everyone he came across about his missing brother. He carried a newspaper with the picture of a bullet-hit man in bloodstained shirt at the Moushuri army camp in Narayanganj. (The Daily Star)

Development works stopped by Chhatra-Jubaleague at Magura (Prothom Alo)

Barrier on the road, BNP leader Altaf Chy reaches Patuakhali by Helecopter (Sangram)

BCL activists assault 2 JCD men at Sylhet Agri University

Two activists of Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal (JCD) Sylhet Agriculture University (SAU) unit were seriously injured in an attack by Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) men on the campus early yesterday. (The Daily Star)

Roopganj firing victim dies in hospital, two missing Men flee villages, injured leave hospitals (New Age)

BCL tortures 2 JCD men at Agri University  


PROTEST AT SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Natore teacher dies (New Age)

Critically injured college teacher Mizanur Rashid died in the Intensive Care Unit of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University at around 1:00am on Sunday.

8 more accused get bail

A Pabna court yesterday granted bail to eight leaders and activists of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) and Jubo League in one of the two cases filed for the attack on government officials during the recruitment test for the deputy commissioner's (DC) office last month (The Daily Star)


October 26

Police raid Jamaat central office (Prothom Alo)

Jamal buried under police guard at Rupganj (Prothom Alo)

Jamal buried under police guard at Rupganj: Educational institutions lack students (Naya Diganta)

Two journos beaten with bator by police: Three including traffic sergent suspended (Amar Desh)

Defamation case filed against Ittefaq editor at Norail (Amar Desh)

Journo beaten by Police at Firmgate (Naya Diganta)
Defamation case of taka one crore filed against Ittefaq Editor and reporter (Naya Diganta)

Section 144 imposed at Baghaichhari of Rangamati as BNP-Chhatra league called meeting in the same place (Naya Diganta)

Kamruzzaman & Kadermullah sent to jail after remand (Prothom Alo)


Police raid Jamaat office for Taher Rupganj males on the run (The Daily Star)

Clash between two groups of Chhatra League at RU, 2 injured, Roads blocked (Sangram)


Jamaat office raided (New Age)

The police on Monday carried out a sudden raid on the Moghbazar central office of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami but did not arrest anybody or seize anything.

BNP leader hurt allegedly by AL men in Patuakhali (New Age)

A local leader of BNP was injured in an attack allegedly by Awami League men at Pakhimara under Kalapara upazila in Patuakhali on Monday.

1 injured by the chopping of Jubaleague leader at Chouddagram (Naya Diganta)


BNP leaders and activists attacked by Chhatra league at Mirjaganj and Kolapara: Business organization ranksacked


October 27

Jamal’s fathers’ grievance, “Where there is no right to bury my own son, whom I will accuse and file case?” Two still missing, Police taken GD, not case (Prothom Alo)

Artaries, finger of Jamaat activist cut down by AL activists at C’gram (Prothom Alo)

Three still missing, villagers are still agitated (Amar Desh)

Jamaat office raid by DB police at Tangail, 3 arrested (Ittefaq)


Bail petition of Kamaruzzaman, Quader Molla rejected (The Daily Star)

Roopganj yet to recover from trauma (New Age)

NewBoishakhi TV crew missing

3 jamaat activists arrested at Tangail, sent to jail (Sangram)

Kamruzzaman & Kadermullah imprisoned after remand (Prothom Alo)

Violation of seniority: discharge the reat against the empoyment of cheap justice  (Amar Desh)

4 BNP leaders imprisoned in Mowlovibazar (Amar Desh)

BCL activists assault IU teacher (New Age)

An Islamic university teacher was assaulted by some activists of the Chhatra League, the ruling Awami Leagues associate body of students, in Jhenaidah on Monday night.



October 28

Jamaat office raid by DB police at Tangail, 3 arrested (Naya Diganta)

GIRLS HARASSMENT Stalker kills mother (New Age)

Stalkers in killed a mother at Madhukhali in Faridpur and severely injured two brothers in Chandpur for their protest at harassment of girls on Tuesday.

Mosque to be grinned to build EC office at Jhinaidah, local people enraged (Amar Desh)

protesting Eve Teasing: Now died a mother (Amar Desh)

Jamath activists arrested from Mirpur  (Prothom Alo)

BNP leader arrested (Prothom Alo)

Employment exam foiled (Prothom Alo)

8 men  granted bail in Pabna (Prothom Alo)

Juba Dal programme foiled at Gaurnadi (New Age)

Activists of the Juba League, the ruling Awami Leagues associate body of youths, foiled the foundation day programme of the Juba Dal, the BNPs associate body of youths, at Gaurnadi in Barisal on Wednesday morning.

Journalist’s land grabbed at Bholahat (Naya Diganta)

Defamation case filed against Prothom Alo and Jaijaidin by Kamal Ahmed Majumder MP ((Naya Diganta)

Journalist Kamran found senseless at Ullapara (Sangram)


Section 144 foils BNP programmes in five districts (New Age)

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party and its front organisations on Wednesday could not hold its scheduled programmes at least in five districts for the imposition of section 144 on the plea of averting untoward incident.

Counter programs of BNP – Chhatra League at Kosba (Prothom Alo)

Section 144 imposed at Koyra Upazilla of Khulna (Naya Diganta)

20 injured by the attack of Chhatra League- Jubaleague at Gouranadi ()

Chhatra league accused of attack: BNP office ranksacked at Amtali: 3 injured (Amar Desh)

BNP leader chopped to death at lalmonirhat (Amar Desh)

Clash between the groups of Chhatra League in the Admission test day at DU, journo insulted, injured (Amar Desh)



October 29

Police raid on the Milad Mahfil on the remembrance of the Shahids of October, 20 including Jamaat leader Professor Mujib arrested (Sangram)


October 30

9 activists including Jamaat leader Prof Mujib on 3 day remand (Sangram)        


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