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DU students face BCL wrath for not joining PM's reception

Edit Date:11/4/2010 12:00:00 AM

Thursday, September 30, 2010

BCL activists kept first-year students of Shahidullah Hall of DU out in the open on Curzon Hall premises last night, as they did not join the PM's reception. The photo was taken today at 1:30am. Photo: Anisur Rahman

Rakib Ahammed

Bangladesh Chhatra League president of Shahidullah Hall unit of Dhaka University last night detained around 50 students under the sky, as they did not join the prime minister's welcoming procession on Airport Road yesterday.

Dormitory sources said around 10:30pm Shahriar Azam Munna, president of BCL Shaidullah Hall unit, asked around 50 first-year resident students to evacuate their rooms in 10 minutes. The students who were forced to leave the hall did not join the PM's reception in protest of not allotting them in the main dormitory.

These students live in two rooms in an extension building. Some of the students said they could not go the procession due to exams today. After evacuating the students BCL activists locked their rooms. The students took refuge in the open on Curzon Hall premises. Meanwhile, Munna assigned some of his associates to look over so that the students could not go anywhere or talk to reporters.

The victims at first declined to talk about the torture and humiliation on them fearing further BCL action.

"I didn't take admission here [DU] for passing night under the sky," said a student preferring anonymity.

Despite repeated attempts The Daily Star could not reach Munna or dormitory authorities for their comment. The students were out in the open and no DU authorities were seen taking any steps to get the students back to their rooms till filing this report at 1:30am.



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