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Brutality of Oars and Logs, Bullets and Bombs

Edit Date:7/21/2010 12:00:00 AM


Bangladesh will Answer this Bloodshed

The nation suffers the grip of an unknown fear. The festive atmosphere of Eid-ul-Fitr at the end of the holy month of Ramadan has not yet passed. As a continuation to the hard-earned democratic trend created in the country, the alliance-government is to hand over power to the caretaker government just three days after Eid. Just as the peace-loving people waits for this historical moment, an unknown fear suddenly grasps the hearts of the public. A strange silence masks the city of Dhaka. The stranded city-bound people in villages and towns across the country crowds in front of radios and television sets with an indescribable anxiety – what is the state of the country? Following the tradition, the Prime Minister addresses the nation on the evening of October 27th. Immediately after that, a pre-planned chaotic situation begins across the entire country, returning to the old scenario of destruction, sabotage, rampage and road blockade. On the next day, October 28th, a feeling of fear prevails across the country. As soon as a news is telecast on a TV channel, everyone crowds in front of TV sets to find out what is going on. In the afternoon and evening, when illustrated news are being telecast on almost all TV channels, people’s eyes are stuck. What barbaric scenes, from the city’s Paltan Crossing, are they watching? How enthusiastically a group of people, armed with oars, logs, blades and sticks are relentlessly attacking another group of people. How mercilessly they are beating and spiking living youths to death, and celebrating the successful murders by dancing on top of the dead bodies. They fire streams of bullets and explode bombs in broad day light in front of the police. The roads and the streets flood with blood. Many mothers and sisters fainted from the shock of seeing these scenes. No human being, with a sense of humanity remaining inside, could resist tears at the occurrence of these incidents. At the forefront of a democratic civilization, what terrifying scenes are these? What ugly colors of a few people from the Bengali nation, which just won Noble Prize in Peace, are these?

Just one announcement floods the nation in blood

Our glorious Bangladesh, obtained at the cost of the blood of millions of martyrs, is now about to surpass 16 years of its golden history of democracy. With the achievement of Nobel Peace Prize by Dr Muhammad Yunus, just as the nation was progressing towards development due to the sincere efforts of the alliance government and the people, a recognized faction became envious. When their efforts, which included carrying out campaigns against the country in domestic and international print and electronic media, asking the donor countries to stop aids, naming the country as the dungeon of fundamentalists and terrorists, failed to decelerate the dynamic progress of Bangladesh, they decided to cause and spread filthy rampages as a means for achieving their evil goals. From the Paltan rally held on 18th September 2006, Sheikh Hasina instructed her party members to come to Dhaka with oars, logs, and sticks. It didn’t take the leaders and the workers of Awami League to realize what they have to do. Sheikh Hasina had also chosen the time accordingly: following the constitutional order, when the successful departing Prime Minister of the departing alliance-government is going to hand over power to the very last retired Chief Justice K. M Hassan, just at that instance, Awami League is to execute its pre-planned strategy of spreading overwhelming chaos and disorder across the country in order to prevent the occurrence of a free and fair election. Armed with logs, oars and sticks, the leaders and workers of Awami League come out in the streets on October 28th to carry out their blockade. As a consequence, a state of total chaos suddenly spreads across the country

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