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Heineous conspiray to wipe out Islam

Edit Date:10/10/2010 12:00:00 AM

 Mohammad Shameemul Bari

A heinous conspiracy has been carried out in Bangladesh since the incumbent grand alliance government took charge of the office. Experts and political analysts termed the anti-Islamic move of the government as a crusade against Islam. The government is conducting its all out effort to wipe out Islam and Islamic Ideology from this sacred land. Some social prudent anticipated earlier that, the present government led by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came into the power with a vision to eradicate Islam. Unfortunately, it becomes clear from the activities of the government in past one and half year, that government is moving towards that suicidal direction. Some action and event of the present government will be described below which symbolizes the hostile approach of the government against Islam and the Muslim communityl:   


  1. Government stance against Fatwa; the basic spirit of Islam:


On 6th December, 2009, the President of Bangladesh Mohammad Zillur Rahman termed Fatwa as a barrier to social welfare. He urged the concerned to stop these practices to protect the women from suppression and torture as well as to preserve human rights in the country.  He expressed the view while a delegation of the Human Rights Commission made a courtesy call to the President. (BSS 7th December, 2009, http://www.sonarbangladesh.com/newsdetails.php?ID=881, The daily Janakantha, 9th December 2009, http://www.dailyjanakantha.com/news_view.php?nc=13&dd=2009-12-09&ni=2348)


 In this backdrop, different left wings and so-called feminist organizations took several steps to stop the practice of Fatwa. As a consequence, on 8th July, 2010, the High Court bench of Justices Syed Mahmud Hossain and Govinda Chandra Thakoor gave the order banning the Fatwa exercise. (The daily Kaler Kantha, 9th July, 2010, http://www.kalerkantha.com/)


Fatwa is the answer to all affairs related to Islam. In absence of Fatwa, people may be disconnected from the influence of Islam. The distinctive decent culture, beliefs and culture of Islam are solemnly controlled by Fatwa. So, from legal and religious perspective, no one has the authority to ban Fatwa. Awami League government is busy in banning the practice of Fatwa in order to detach the mass people from the light and guidance of Islam.



2.      The tragic blow against the Madrasa Education:


The incumbent government stroke a huge blow against the Madrasa (Islamic Educational Institutions) education since it came into the power. They asserted it openly several times that, they do not want the expansion of this ritual education system. They are doing whatever they feel required to eliminate the Madrasa Education from the country. The ruling party is working to being an end of the Madrasa education, by co-relating the whole system with the upsurge and militancy without any justification.


One of the policymaker of the government, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Barrister Shafiq Ahmed initially revealed the ongoing crusade plan of the government against the Madrasa education by defining Madrasa as a breeding place of militants. He disclosed the view while addressing a workshop on Anti-terror law, held on 1st April 2009. (The daily Prothom Alo, http://www.prothom-lo.net/V1/archive/news_details_home.php?dt=2009-04-02&issue_id=1237&nid=MjI5MzU=)


Addressing the workshop, he further said the militancy emerged in the country following several amendments in the constitution in the post 1975 period. The amended constitution glorifies ‘Allah as the basis of all deeds.’ The Madrasa bound people also hold the same spirit. They want to establish the law of the holy Quran. Subsequently, militancy and upsurge are emerging in the country in such a way; it had emerged in war-ravaged country Afghanistan. Different Madrasa are providing training to its students to make them militant or extremist. (The Daily Naya Diganta, 2nd April, 2009, http://www.dailynayadiganta.com/2009/04/02/fullnews.asp?News_ID=137417&sec=1 )


His statements indicate his belief that, the existence of the Almighty Allah in the constitution is the prime cause to breed militancy and terrorism. Terming the Madrasa as a breeding place for militancy, the present government introduced a war which is climbing towards its highest pick of atrocities gradually.


3.      The announcement of closing the Madrasa Education Board:


The government has started its informal war not only against the Madrasa education system, but more specifically against the Madrasa Education board. On this point, state minister for law Advocate Kamrul Islam asserted to shut down Madrasa Education board in order to prevent the production of militancy. On last 23rd July, 2010, at a discussion program arranged by Awami Muktijodhdha league held at the national press club titled on War crimes and the politics of Jamaat-e-Islami, the minister made the remark. (http://www.banglaradio.ir/index.php/2010-04-21-08-29-09/2010-04-21-08-29-54/19982-2010-07-23-12-51-50.html)





4.      The Controversial Education Policy of the Government: Islam in Exile


On 8th April, 2009, a committee was formed led by the national professor Kabir Chowdhury in order to introduce new education policy. Initially the committee was consisted with 16 members, though two of them were literally co-opted later. On 2nd September, 2009, the committee submitted the report and proposals to the government. (bdnews24.com, http://www.bdnews24.com/bangla/details.php?cid=10&id=109159)


As the proposed education policy faced criticism from different quarters, the government sent the proposal back for further review. Then the proposals formally placed before the cabinet after bring several amendments in the proposals. Then the cabinet approved the proposals on 31st May, 2010. The policy was named as Unilateral and pro-people Education Policy. In a brief, it was an attempt to mingle the conventional general education with the Madrasa or ritual education system. But how much the policy was reviewed? Let’s have a look at a report, published in the daily Janakantha on 1st June, 2010.


To avert some additional chaos of the fundamentalist forces, regarding the religion and cultural affairs, some specific terms has been amended in the proposed policy. But no changes had been brought in the basic spirit. Though, the draft policy was defined as a non-communal, pro-people and secular policy, but the final proposal was made defining it simply as a non-communal, pro-people policy. The word secular has been excluded from the final version. But for this move, the proposed policy did not lose its secular aspects, claim the experts. (http://www.dailyjanakantha.com/news_view.php?nc=15&dd=2010-06-01&ni=20171 )


Through some maneuvers, the controversial education policy excluded the Islamic spirit and its glorious tradition and culture. It has been introduced in such a way, so that children do not get option to be flourishing with the Islamic notion.



5.      The Policy on Women: Clear Stance Against the Holy Quran Prescribed Forayez Law 


The present government finalized a women policy which has clearly denied the Forayez Law as it described in the Holy Quran. The holy verse of Sura Nesa clearly stated that, Women inherit half of than that of her brother from the father’s property. But the government’s proposed women policy nakedly denounces that spirit. In line with the spirit, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on last 10th December, 2009 declare to establish women’s equal rights at her father’s property, while addressing a program marking the Begum Rokeya Day. (The Daily Samakal, 11th December, 2009, http://www.samakal.com.bd/details.php?news=14&view=archiev&y=2009&m=12&d=11&action=main&menu_type=&option=single&news_id=33217&pub_no=184&type=)


According to the Muslim law, usually a son of a family holds the whole rights of inherit his father’s property, but not a daughter. Mentioning the point, the premier said, “I have some specific plan to address the issue, I will reveal that on time, otherwise, some vested quarters will unnecessarily protest upholding the misinterpretation of Shariah.” (The daily Janakantha, 11th December, 2009, http://www.dailyjanakantha.com/news_view.php?nc=15&dd=2009-12-11&ni=2548)     


Later, on 8th March, 2010, in a program marking the World Women’s Day, the prime minister reaffirmed that, “we want to eliminate the existing discrimination between men and women. Our constitution ensures their equal rights. Now it’s our priority to ensure their equal rights in property. (http://www.ibnewsonline.com/ijtemanews.php?id=110) She further said, to establish women empowerment and equality, we are going to approve the policy on women very soon. (The Daily Janakantha,  http://www.dailyjanakantha.com/news_view.php?nc=15&dd=2010-03-09&ni=10746)



6.      Move to restore 1972 Constitution; A bid to Disconnect Country from the Muslim Ummah


The present government is committed to back to the 1972 Constitution. As the Appellate division already cancelled the 5th amendment to the constitution, so the path to restore the 72’s constitution became easier for the government. It should be mentioned here, the 1972 Constitution did not include the existing facts of Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, Full confidence and trust upon Almighty Allah, Islam as state religion and the assertion to make a strong connection with the Muslim world. Rather, it did hold the spirit of secularism, socialism etc. Through canceling the 5th amendment, the government is implementing its deep rooted conspiracy to turn the country into a religion free state in order to make the 95 percent Muslim majority people secular.  


Article 8: The spirit of Full confidence and trust upon Almighty Allah has been excluded, while socialism and secularism has been restored.


Article 10: It has announced to establish a financial policy based on socialism. Socialism or communism means atheism, which is ignorance to the existence of Almighty Allah.


Article 12 (b): In order to establish a secular state, the provision of state religion will be erased.


Article 25 (2): The part, which emphasis on setting strong relation with the Muslim world, on the basis of Islamic solidarity, has been excluded.


Article 38: This article says, Every citizen shall have the right to form associations or unions, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interests of morality or public order:
Provided that no person shall have the right to form, or be a member or otherwise take part in the activities of, any communal or other association or union which in the name or on the basis of any religion has for its object, or pursues, a political purpose. Mentioning the point, some attempts are going on to ban Islamic politics, but it is allowing the atheism based politics that was introduced by Lenin and Karl Marx.


The proposed amendment to the constitution will make the people and the entire state free from the influence of any particular religion. Actually all these efforts are nothing but a naked conspiracy to detach the country from the Muslim world.



7.      A conspiracy to eliminate religious scholars through bringing the issue of War crimes and Militancy


The present government is carrying their suppression and torture against the religious personnel by bringing the issues of war crimes and militancy. Not concentrating to solve the mass sufferings, the government is continuing their effort to bring a settled issue back and in the name of the trial of the crimes against humanity. Under the vindictive strategy, they are spending millions of money and carried pre-planned propagandas against the senior Islamic leaders just to wipe out Islam and Islamic politics.


8.      Closing the Mosques, handed over the Muslims after severe physical Assault



The overall situation of the country is so suffocative, that no one can escape from the threat and tyrannical role of the government, its front organizations and ruling party cadres. They are consistently threatening the Imams, Ulamas and other religious figures. On 3rd February, 2010, the activists of Awami Shechchashebok League, a ruling party associate organization, locked the door of a mosque in Hobiganj, in order to capture the establishment. The move agitated the general people of the area and then the law enforcing agencies were forced to open the mosque again. (The Daily Amar Desh, 4th February, 2010)


On last 6th August, 2010, the ruling party cadres were handed the local imam of the mosque to the police after beating him severely as he criticized the role of the government as they patronized the defamed Dev Narayan, who filed a false writ in the high court with some fabricated information in order to distort the holy verse of the holy Quran. On the following day, police sent him in to the jail in line with a case of 54 sections. (The Daily Amar Desh, 8th August, 2010).


The ruling party cadres can not tolerate even a simple prayer or religious statement. The above mentioned incident clarifies how desperate the government is to wipe out Islam from the country.



9.      The tiresome relation with the Muslim world; Hostile attitude even with the Saudi Arabia


The government is intentionally creating a distance with the Muslim world and openly patronizes the pro-Hindu force. This controversial move of the government has been appeared so nakedly that already a vivid gap has been created between Bangladesh and the Muslim world. Even the policy maker of the government does not have any hesitation to make bad comments about our long-term friendly nation Saudi Arabia. The pro-Hindu nations of the world are utilizing the opportunity. (7th April, 2010, bdnews24.com)


Even the Prime Minister herself had vehemently stated some undiplomatic and irrational comments against Saudi Arabia inside the parliament. In her concluding statement on 5th April, 2010, she said, the opposition is carrying several moves to convince Saudi Arabia, in order to save the war criminals. (The Daily Naya Diganta, 6th April, 2010). The Prime Minister in the weekly cabinet meeting on last 5th April, 2010, alleged that, Saudi Arabia is trying in different ways to foil the ongoing trial of the war criminals. (The Daily Naya Diganta, 6th April, 2010).


On 7th April, 2010, at a seminar held at the Dhaka Reporters Unity, Planning Minister A K Khondoker said, There is no problem, if Saudi Arabia opposes the war crime’s trial. (8th April, 2010, The Daily Naya Diganta). Around 2 million Bangladeshi labors are working in Saudi Arabia, who is making outstanding contribution in the financial progress of the country by sending huge amount of remittance. So the irrational comments of the premier may deteriorate the bilateral relationship between Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia, which may also devastation in the fate of the Bangladeshi expatriates.



10. The relationship with Israel


Under the patronization of India, the present government in one way, hampering the relationship with Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, it is moving to build strong relationship with Israel. There was a ban mentioned in the Bangladeshi passport to visit Israel. But surprisingly, this prohibition has been excluded from the passport of the ministers and diplomats, the process are going on to exclude it from the green colored general passports. Israel has recognized Bangladesh following the independence war of Bangladesh, upholding this wrong information, there is a frequent lobbying which going on to give a green light signal to Israel. http://www.bangla-news.net/398/1.html


But the reality is, the then foreign minister of interim government during the liberation war, Khondoker Moshtaq Ahmed rejected the recognition of Israel.



11. An informal banning on the Religious Procession: Even the senior personnel are not getting rid of ruling party cadres


Islam loving people of the country, are being deprived of constitutional rights, as they can not arrange rally and procession. Government is continuously foiling the Islamic processions. The way, the ruling party cadres attacked the procession, called by the great religious leader of this sub-continent Allama Mohammad Shofi, it simply indicates the declared crusade of the government against the Islamic force. The senior religious leaders and Islamic parties can not hold their procession due to suppression policy of the government, even the government set an embargo on holding Islamic meeting like waz and Tafsir mahfil. 



12. Arrangements of banning hizab from Bangladesh


Already some measures have been taken to ban hizab from Bangladesh. Hizab has been declared ban in the Social Science department of Rajshahi University (rtnn.net, 2nd April 2010). Nurses, who are working in Bongobondhu Sheikh Muzib Medical University, are facing a restriction to wear Hizab. Just only to wear borkha, a school going students were assaulted physically, she can not go to the school now. Three women were tortured severely in Pirojpur for wearing borkha. Their faces were forcefully unveiled and their photograph had been handed over to some unscrupulous quarter, who later posted the photograph over the walls massively. (The daily Naya Diganta, 4th July, 2009 & The Daily Samakal 4th July, 2009) In one side, the authority is saying to introduce law to stop sexual harassment, on the other hand, the court are giving the order not to force women in wearing hizab in educational institutions and other offices, although there is no report of creating such a pressure in any concerned institutions. Earlier, a police officer was arrested for arresting a woman for her reckless and indecent movement. Later, it was informed, that particular officer urged the lady to wear borkha, and that is his crime. The court raised some objections regarding that particular case as well. Female students across the country, including Dhaka University, Eden College, Bodrunnesa College in the capital are facing severe harassment and teasing just only for wearing hizab. (The Daily Amar Desh, 19th February, 2010 & The Daily Samakal, 9th April, 2010)


Even the ruling party ministers and lawmakers are relentlessly stating humiliating comments against the ladies who are wearing hizab. In a recent seminar held at the liberation museum, the deputy speaker of the parliament alleged that, the women are usually veiling their faces by wearing hizab in order to hide their ugly faces. He further said women should move freely. Why will they veil their face?”


Not only that, the women are insulted and assaulted across the country, by the ruling party men for wearing hizab. Is Bangladesh then moving towards banning borkha? Will the Hizab system be banned? The women who are used to do Hizab, government is trying to make them free from this religious gesture.



13. Banning on Jihad


‘Jihad fi Sabilillah’ or struggle to establish the Islamic law is a mandatory task for a Muslim. But the present government had imposed some informal banning on this word, Jihad. Only for keeping Islamic books and audio cassette in their collection, many Muslims became victims of suppression and arbitrary arrest of the government. The government is frequently making a triumph, while they produced a practicing Muslims and the recovered cassettes and publications before the media, and tried to establish the person as an instigator of Jihad. Thus the authority is unnecessarily harassing these innocent Muslims in order to serve its ill political interest. 


14. Government attack on the Islamic Financial systems:


State Minister for law and other key player of the government are stating one after one bad and humiliating comment against the Islamic banking and other Islamic financial regulations in recent times, which are creating a bad impact regarding the Islamic finance among the general people. (The Daily Amar Desh, 2nd June, 2010)



15. Appointment of controversial Khatib in the national mosque and politicization of Islamic Foundation and other mosques


Government has appointed a controversial figure as the Khatib (leader) of the National Mosque Baitul Mukarram. Despite the objection from the mass people, the concerned authority did not withdraw him yet; rather pressing some additional force, government is trying to capture the whole establishment. The Islamic Foundation (the organization under religious ministry, which supervise the whole ritual activities of the country) and other mosques are not getting rid of that grabbing and naked politicization.



16. Comparison with the Almighty Allah


On last 20th March, state minister for law, Advocate Kamrul Islam boastfully said, if after millions of years, Almighty Allah can try us for our deeds in this earth, then why can we hold the trial of war criminals just after 40 years. (The Daily Naya Diganta, 21st March, 2010)


Recently, ruling party Awami League presidium member and the Agriculture minister Begum Motia Chowdhury discovered a new ummah (nation). He said, the opposition BNP-Jamaat alliance do not believe in Islam, they are the ummah of late president Ziaur Rahman, their co-partner Jamaat are the ummah of their ameer Maulana Nizami and we, the Awami League activists are the righteous, we are the ummah of the holy prophet (PBUH). (The Daily Amar Desh, 21st March, 2010)



17. Is Secularism a part of Islamic Belief?


It has been said by the ruling party leaders that, secularism is a part of Islamic belief. Some pro-awami intellectuals are writing books on such spirit and government, spending the revenue is circulating these books nationwide. The speakers in a recent book unveiling program titled ‘According to the Quran and Hidith, the role of the Khalifatul Muslemin, father of the nation Bongobondhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman” said that undoubtedly Bongobondhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman is a historical Muslim ruler as he is the Khalifatul Muslemin. When the whole Muslim world was suffering from a severe leadership crisis, then Bongobondhu emerged and fought to establish the rights of the under-privileged and impoverished Muslims and this is why he must be regarded as the prime guardian of the Muslim world. They further said, the key word of Islamic belief is secularism. The personnel, who are opposing the spirit of secularism, are opposing the holy Quran actually. There is no religious attributes in uttering the slogan in ‘Bangladesh Jindabad’, but it definitely lies in ‘Joy Bangla’ slogan. The writer of the book, Haider Ali in his speech said, we have found from our research that, the main condition and spirit of the holy Quran and Hadith is secularism. No body can claim him/herself believers unless he can be a secular. And if any one has any inadequacy in their beliefs, they can not be treated as Muslim. So secularism is a part of Islamic belief. This is the fundamental decrees of the holy Quran. So the Khalifatul Muslemin, father of the nation Bongobondhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman had played his due role as a Muslim by recognizing secularism as the basic spirit of the constitution. (The Daily Naya Diganta, 26th November, 2009)


18. A humiliating comments of a minister regarding Azan


A cabinet minister of the government recently outbursts an outrageous and indecent comment regarding the prayer call of the Muslim community, Azan. This approach clearly indicates the hostile approach of the government against Islam and Islamic rituals.


19. Rabindranath Tagore’s song replacing the holy Quran:


On last 31st March, 2010, a program of the central Bank, with the presence of the finance minister, was formally inaugurated with the Tagore song instead of the recitation of the holy Quran. The religious loving people of the country protested this anti-Islamic move harshly, but the government dared to deny that. Singer Mita Hoque presented 3 songs in the program which was arranged to deliver Bangladesh Bank reward for the fiscal year 2009-10.


20. Islamic Politics is going to be banned soon


The present government openly says their intention of imposing ban on the religion based politics. Regarding the facts, the law minister Barrister Shafiq Ahmed in a program said, due to the verdict of the Appellate division on the 5th amendment cancellation, 72’s constitution will be restored automatically. Subsequently, religion based politics will be banned and secularism and socialism will established as per the basic spirit of the constitution.   


21. The Anti-Islamic comments of the Chief Election Commissioner


Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) A T M Shamsul Huda has made a boastful comment about the authority ship of the Almighty Allah while talking about the recently held Bhola-3 by-election. In an interview with the BBC, the CEC said, if the Almighty Allah Himself landed in Bhola, He can not create any disturbance. Such a kind of outrageous comments can be made only by the atheists. (The Daily Amar Desh, 18th April, 2010)


22. Indecent Comments about Hajre Aswad


A Hindu citizen named Krishnopod Das of Chulkathi bazaar under Bagerhat district has compared the Hajre Aswad with the Hindu symbol Shiv Linga, which causes immense tension and protest across the country. But the government did not take any punitive measures against him. (The Daily Amar Desh, 19th April, 2010)


Nobody expects such an indecent comments from Bangladesh, the 3rd largest Muslim country of the world. This holy stone Hajre Aswad is located in the holy city of Makkah and every year millions of Muslim devotees visited the places and kissed the stone with utmost honor and respect. But such an unjustified comparison of this holy establishment with the Hindu icons hurting the religious sentiment of the Muslim people of the country.


In the concluding part of the article, it can be said that, the deeds and actions of the incumbent government in past one and half year clearly indicates that, government is sincerely working to wipe out from the country, as per the plan that was prescribed by the US-Indo ally forces. Now it is requirement of the moment, that Islam loving people of the country should come forward now altogether to resist these heinous conspiracies that is being carried by the government against the Islam and the Muslim community. 

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