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Media Watch Human Rights Violation

Edit Date:9/26/2010 12:00:00 AM


                                                                                                                                                         AUGUST, 2010




Human rights situation in Bangladesh has been worsening day by day and this is very alarming as to a significant stage the rights are being violated by the state itself. From bureaucracy to professionals, public procurement to conducting of public examination, politicization and criminalization are going rampantly everywhere. Various institutions are objected to malfunctioning at political will causing further deterioration of institutionalization contrary to the good governance and a healthy culture. Lax law enforcement panics people.

The following statistics is giving a rough idea of the human rights violation of last six months

Statistics of Human Rights violations 

(January 01-June30'2010)

Human Rights Violation

Total number of victims


Extrajudicial killing



Journalist Injured





Killed due to political violence



TV channel closed



Daily newspaper closed



Politically motivated mass arrest


2000 (around)




Dowry violence



Acid violence




 Concern of the Human Rights Organizations

Many national and international Human Rights Organizations showed their concerns as to the recent human rights status in Bangladesh such as:



The said statement contains that, “The government of Bangladesh must refrain from arbitrary mass arrests, which appear to have been directed only at the opposition student activists. Criminal investigations must be impartial, regardless of the suspect’s political affiliation or party membership..................................”[2]

2. In another report published on their website, Amnesty International claimed that, Bangladeshi security forces used excessive force during raid.[3] In this report, Amnesty accused specially the Bangladesh Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) for their violent attack.

3. Human Rights Watch also expresses anxiety about ongoing human rights condition of Bangladesh. It stated, “Bangladesh authorities violated both freedom of expression and due process of law”. The organization called upon the government of Bangladesh to ensure impartial investigation to be conducted into allegation.[4]


This report contains some news published in different newspaper in August, 2010 in Bangladesh. These selective news reports are portraying the political harassment and oppression against the opposition parties as well as government attitude.


02 August, 2010


·         Sayeedee has been taken into  a two day fresh remand in Humayan Azad attempt to murder case


Maolana Delwar Hossain Sayedee applied for bail as he has been  sick for last couple of weeks. However, the court  awarded a two-day fresh remand  on the basis of the arguments placed by the state counsel.


·         Assault in Threatening PM Delwar, two other BNP leader sued (Daily Star)

·         Three Shibir leaders arrested at Pakundia (Daily Prothom Alo)



03 August, 2010


·         4 Top leaders of Jamaat are on jail: International tribunal in the case of War crime (Daily Jugantar)

·         Mirza Abbas remanded for 8 days in two cases (Daily Jugantar)

·         Shibir activist held at safiadi village on Pakundia Upazilla in Khisrgong on various charge n(Daily Star)

·         Issuing arrest warrant against four Jamaat leaders by the in War crimes tribunal is not leagl – Anisul Hoq (Daily Naya Diganta)

·         Daily Amar Desh correspondent assaulted by ruling party men at Rajarhat of Kurigram (Daily Amar Desh)



04 August, 2010


·         Khulna court issues warrants to arrest Moazzem, Rafiq (Daily New Age)

·         US Awami league President thanks Jubaleague activists for attacking Mahmudur Rahman (Daily Naya Diganta)



05 August, 2010


·         H.C stays police to Rafiqul, Moazzem (Daily New Age)

·         Hundreds including Khaleda’s house at Savar razed in demolition drive. (Daily Jugantar)

·         Ransack of the BNP supporters house at Monohordi (Daily Jugantar)

·         Bogra court summons three BNP leaders including Delwar (Secretary General ): Chhatraleague President Badiul Khair Liton filed a case accusing three BNP leaders of threatening to kill the PM in their speech delivered at Muktangan on July 25. (Daily Jugantar)

·         RAB alleged  Shibir link with outlaws ; 4 shibir man held in different places (Daily Star)

  • 5                                                                                                                                       MEDIA WATCH, AUGUST, 2010

    Delwar two other BNP leaders now sued in city (Daily Star)




·         Sayeedee to be produced before tribunal on August 10: Remanded again for 5 days in the Humayun Azad killing case. (Daily Prothom Alo)

·         Two BNP leaders sued at Kushtia (Daily Prothom Alo)

·         Dead body of BNP leader found and a rich merchant is beaten to death at Naoga (Daily Naya Diganta)

·         Bail appeal Khulna city Jamaat Ameer Golam Porwar denied (Daily Naya Diganta)

·         Shibir activist are being harassed in Chittagong University; case filed in explosive substance act though there were no incidences of explosion (Daily Sangram)



06 August, 2010


·         Speech of Jamaat leader Taher: Taher sued of anti-state activities based on his speech. (Daily Jugantar)

  • Ctg. Court Summons three BNP leaders (Daily New Age)

·         Delwar, two other Bnp leaders sued in Sirajgong for for threatening PM (Daily New Age)

·         Clash between Chhatraleague and Jubaleague at RU, 5 injured: Motorcycles and shops demolished (Daily Naya Diganta)

07 August, 2010

·         Jamaat leader Taher is under DB Police surveillance (Daily Jugantar) 

·         2 GD’s filed against Jamaat leader Taher (Daily New Age)

·         AL-BNP clash at Sonargaon: Injured 12; A bloody clash took place between AL and BNP due to the power enhancement activities. (Daily Jugantar)

·         Police raid at Jamaat’s Al-falah office (Daily Jugantar)

·         Jubaleague mob attacked Jamaat office at Lakshmipur: Injured 2 (Daily Jugantar)

·         Shibir activist chopped by Chhatraleague caders (Daily Amader Somoy)

·         Torture during remand: Human Rights activists of Britain worried at Mahmudur Rahman’s arrest (Daily Naya Diganta)

·         Women rally to free Sayeedee at Zianagar (Daily Sangram)



      08 August, 2010

·         21 GDs have been filed against Jamaat leader Taher for his speech of July 27 (Daily Jugantar)

  • War criminal to be tried under collaborator act : Suronjit (Daily New Age)
  • Political harassment in the name of war criminal’s trial will not be accepted by people, said Bangladesh NAP (Daily Sangram)




09 August, 2010

·         RAB denies having arrest Chy Alam (Daily New Age)


6                                                                                                                                        MEDIA WATCH, AUGUST, 2010

BNP human chain at Savar foiled for Police baton charge: Injured 40; Police foiled a human chain protesting the demolishment drive at Khaleda Zia’s land and charged baton  on the participants of the human chain. (Daily Jugantar)

·         GDs filed against Jamaat and BNP leaders for allegedly ‘provoking’ speech. (Daily Jugantar)



·         Jubadal Leader stabbed at Parbatipur, Shop looted (Daily Jugantar)

·         Graft case against Moudud to continue (Daily Star)

·         5 Shibir leader held and Jamaat leader Taher sued in 2 districts (Daily Star)

·         4 Chattra League leader of Dumki Upazila unit were expelled on charge of anti party activists (Daily Star)

·         Former Shibir president of Khulna City Mia Mojahidul Islam remanded for two days in the case of attacking Police (Daily Amader Somoy)

·         Continuous remands may lead physically sick Mirza Abbas to death, apprehends his family (Daily Naya Diganta)

·         Shahid Uddin Chy Anny MP barred to go Singapore for treatment  (Daily Amar Desh)



      10 August, 2010

·         Jamaat leader Taher sued for sedition at Shahbag police station in capital (Daily Star)

·         Criminal cases : 4 Jamaat leaders denied bail at Dhaka court (Daily Star)

·         Two Jamaat leaders arrested at Rajshahi and C’Nawabganj (Daily Jugantar)

·         Shibir activist of Jagannath Univeristy arrested (Daily Jugantar)


·         Sayeedee, Kader Molla and Kamaruzzaman denied bail after the end of Remand (Daily Jugantar)

·         BNP-Backed labour leaders, six workers held (Daily New Age)

·         Acting Jamaat secretary of Rajshahi City, Upazilla Ameer of C’Nawabganj arrested (Daily Amader Somoy)

·         Maolana Sayeedee sent to jail after 12 days remand (Daily Naya Diganta)


·         Three BNP-Jubadal leaders arrested at Siddhirganj of Narayanganj (Daily Amar Desh)

·         125 Jamaat activists sued for bringing out Ramadan welcome rally at Uttara (Daily Sangram)



11 August, 2010

·         Sayeedee sick: To be produced in tribunal August 24 (Daily Jugantar)

·         Interruption at Jamaat rally at Sylhet: Clash with Police, injured 15, arrested 5 (Daily Jugantar)

·         Mirza Abbas remanded 3 days in the case of killing Bus driver: BNP leader Mirza Abbas is taken on remand in the case of killing bus driver Faruk. (Daily Jugantar)

·         Jamaat leader sued at Chittagong for Anti-state activities (Daily Prothom Alo)

·         Clash between Police and Jamaat activists at Sylhet: Injured 15 (Daily Amader Somoy)

  • Remand of two shibir leaders at Khulna continues. Mujahid sent to jail after remand (Daily Sangram)


7                                                                                                                                       MEDIA WATCH, AUGUST, 2010



12 August, 2010


·         Seven Shibir activists are arrested in Norshindhi from court who was on bail. (Daily Sangram)


14 August, 2010


·         Shibir activist beaten, given in charge of police at Natore: A shibir activist was beaten by the Chhatraleague caders at Banpara, Boraigram upazilla of Natore, later given in charge of police. (Daily Jugantar)

·         Two shibir activist arrested while postering at Nasirnagar (Daily Jugantar)

·         Extortion: 452 students left Hall in six months at RU (Daily Prothom Alo)

·         8 including Jubadal leaders sued for killing BNP leader at Bogra (Daily Amader Somoy)

·         12 teachers assulted by Chhatraleague caders in last one and half years at the University of Dhaka (Daily Naya Diganta)



     15 August, 2010

·         Rajshahi Jamaat leader Maolana Abdul Malek sent to jail (Daily Naya Diganta)

·         Former Chhatraleague leader and lecturer Jakir Hossain beats Shibir activists at Natore (Daily Naya Diganta)

·         BNP leader killed by chopping at Sharsha of Jesore (Daily Naya Diganta)


      16 August, 2010

·         Two shibir activist detained at Jiban nagar (Daily Jugantar)

·         DB police arrested Shibir president of Bagerhat (Daily Prothom Alo)

·         AL activist killed: 11 BNP leaders sued (Daily Prothom Alo)

·         Three shibir activists arrested for allegedly throwing filth at photo of Bangabandhu (Daily Amader Somoy)

·         BNP office ransacked at Tahirpur of Sunamganj (Daily Sangram)



17 August, 2010

·         Court issues warrants for arrest of Shah Moazzem, Rafiq (Daily New Age)

·         Jubadal leader hacked in Natore (Daily New Age)

·         Reminding the PM about the consequences of past deeds considered as threatening to kill PM; Shah Moazzem and Rafiqul Islam sued, warrant issued (Daily Prothom Alo)

      18 August, 2010

·         Khagrachhari Shibir president Abu Ahmed arrested (Daily Naya Diganta)

·         Sabit and Razu found kidnapped Shibir leader Golam Murtoza at RAB office (Daily Amar Desh)

  • Shibir activists are severely tortured in remand (Daily Amar Desh)

8                                                                                                                                      MEDIA WATCH, AUGUST, 2010




19 August, 2010

·         Five Shibir men arrest in Rajshahi (Daily New Age)

·         Police foil Press conference of Chhatradal at Savar (Daily Prothom Alo)

·          (Mahmudur rahman quizzed repeatedly and has become sick Daily Naya Diganta)


      20 August, 2010

·         Sayeedee and Mir Kashem Ali sued for not paying tax: Sayeedee, Nayeb-e-Ameer and Mir Kashem Ali, member of central Executive committee of Jamaat sued for not paying the income tax. (Daily Prothom Alo)

·         26 BNP leaders including former Education minister Milon sued at Chandpur (Daily Amar Desh)

      21 August, 2010

·         GD filed against 21 leader of BNP Jamaat e Islami with allegation of making a plan to kill PM at Dhunot upazila in Bogra district (Daily Star)

·         BNP activists run away from home at Jhinaidaha (Daily Amar Desh)

 22 August, 2010

·         Clash between AL and BNP at Sharishabari: Injured 20 (Daily Jugantar)

·         Jubadal rally foiled with baton charge of police: Police foiled the rally of Jubadal protesting the revoke of parole of Koko, son of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia and charged baton (Daily Prothom Alo)

·         Three shibir leaders including secretary of CU arrested

·         A DU student named Muhammad Ali Jinnah beaten by Chhatraleague for being involved with Shibir (Daily Naya Diganta)

·         Shibir leader Ripon is not attending course final exam at Bangla college due to the arrest in false case (Daily Amar Desh)

·         IGP listens to the parents, orders OC to find Murtoza who is lost for 37 days (Daily Sangram)


23 August, 2010

·         Police foil Jubadal rally at Capital: 500 including Alal sued (Daily Jugantar)

9                                                                                                                                       MEDIA WATCH, AUGUST, 2010

·         20 leaders including CU Shibir president sued in the incident of clash between two groups of Chhatraleague (Daily Naya Diganta)



      24 August, 2010

·         HC askes for Khaleda’s cantonment papers (Daily New Age)

  • HC turns down Jamaat plea to stall war crimes trial (Daily New Age)

·         Rally and Gatherings in the roads of capital banned: City police banned every type of rally and gatherings in the roads of Dhaka city without  prior permission (Daily Prothom Alo)

·         BNP leaders and activists are tortured in Sharishabari: AL leaders continuously tortured BNP leaders and activists of Sharishabari of Jamalpur (Daily Prothom Alo)

·         15 including BNP president sued for allegedly attacking AL leaders while they were taking preparation for attending the mourning day program at Jamalpur (Daily Amader Somoy)

·         BNP leader arrested at Putia of Rajshahi (Daily Naya Diganta)

·         Section 144 issued at Iftar Mahfil of BNP at Putia (Daily Naya Diganta)


10                                                                                                                                       MEDIA WATCH, AUGUST, 2010

Section 144 issued at Iftar Mahfil of BNP at Comilla (Daily Naya Diganta)





·         41 Shibir activists yet to be released although bail approved one month before due to the delay of getting clearance from Attorny General’s Office (Daily Sangram)

      25 August, 2010

·         August 21 Blasts Khaleda’s nephew quizzed (Daily Star)

·         Police foil Jubadal rally at N’ganj (Daily Jugantar)

·         Jamaat Ameer of Gouripur Upazilla arrested (Daily Jugantar)

  • Chhatraleague beats Chhatradal activists at DU (Daily Naya Diganta)



      26 August, 2010

·         Jamaat leader held at Paikgacha Municipality in Khulna dist (Daily Star)

  • HC stays 16 case of defamation against BNP whip (Daily New Age)
  • Police raid at former Ameer-e-jamaat Ghulam Azam’s house (Daily Jugantar)
  • City Ameer of Jamaat arrested: Mirpur Police arrested Rafikul Islam Khan, Dhaka city ameer and member of Central Executive committee of Jamaat from his residence  at Mirpur (Daily Prothom Alo)
  • Khaleda Zia’s nephew Duke remanded for 2 days (Daily Amader Somoy)
  • Three Jamaat leaders arrested for allegedly planing subotage at Lalmonirhat
  • Shooting by the terrorists at Jubadal leader’s house at Kishorganj (Daily Naya Diganta)


      27 August, 2010

  • Jamaat city Amir remanded (Daily New Age)
  • 25 BNP activists sued at Debedwar of Comilla (Daily Amar Desh)



      28 August, 2010

  • AL attack on Iftar party of BNP at Gopalpur: 10 Injured (Daily Jugantar)
  • Jubaleague leader arrested for land grabbing at Savar (Daily Naya Diganta)
  • Three Jamaat leaders arrested at Patgram of Lalmonirhat (Daily Naya Diganta)



      29 August, 2010

  • Mirja Abbas shown arrested in vehicles torching case (Daily New Age)
  • Shibir leader arrested from rally at Noakhali (Daily Amar Desh)

    11                                                                                                                                   MEDIA WATCH, AUGUST, 2010

[1] Odhikar six-monthly report and daily news papers of Bangladesh

[2] Amnesty International public statement, 23 February 2010, For immediate release, AI Index: ASA 13/005/2010

[3] Published on the official website of Amnesty International, www.amnesty.org dated 1 July, 2010

[4] Human Right Watch on its official website www.hrw.org on July 7, 2010


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