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Edit Date:8/23/2010 12:00:00 AM


Abid Bahar
These days for Hasina's increasing repressive measures through the High Court and her control of the country through street thugs, people began call Hasina a dictator. True, a close observation shows that she is following her father Mujib's notorious pro-Indian politics of both dependence on India and the BKSAL dictatorial rule of Bangladesh. It is clear, Hasina as Mujib's daughter is only serving her BKSAL phase 11 of the Sheikh dynasty. She is continuing Mujib's "my way or no way ideology of fascism" in Bangladesh politics.
Before dealing with the above question,"WHAT MAKES HASINA A DICTATOR" we must remember that Hasina was first selected by the pro-Indian CTG government and later on she was the digitally elected Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Normally if a leader is elected by people, it is called democratically elected. But we see Hasina was digitally elected. Prior to Bangladesh, not long ago, such digital election was tested by India in Kashmir, and it also had a landslide victory. For her Delhi Pact and swallowing the billion dollar bait to facilitating India's road to the North East, many people are questioning if she was elected by the people for the people or was she digitally elected by India to serve India.
Now what makes Hasina a dictaor?
(1) If we remember the Fourth Amendment of the constitution by Mujib was to install the one party BKSAL dictatorship and the Fifth Amendment was to install the multi party democracy and replaced the socalled socialist politics for market economy. Hasina in her second term, with digital majority abused the High Court with her appointed pro- AL judges to impliment her policy reforming the constitutional change in the fifth Amendment to line it up with her father's BKSALism.
(2)We often see dictators depend on foreign help; Mujib was dependent on Rakhi Bahini led by India, Hasina with Indian special forces in Bangladesh.
(3) Hasina's reform of the parliamentary system through the act 70 to deny the power of ministers and concentrate in the Prime Minister's hand and her rule by intrigue through the carefully chosen AL puppet advisors and her alliance with dictator Ershed the former BKSAL ministers makes herself a true Mujib like BKSAL dictator of our time.
(4) Mujib promised to the countrymen to be able to buy paper for the countrymen cheaper, in the same way hasina's 10 tk rice is nowhere there. Like most dictators she proved herself a patological liar.
(5) Most dictators try to make sure that their dynastic rule would continue. Hasina's present government is ruled by Sheikh dynasty and the Sheikh dynasty is spreading its wings..
(6) To make sure there is not a second coup, and her dynastic rule continues, Hasina reformed our BDR and the army and couldn't answer why and there was such a bloodshed.She put journalists like Banglar Sinhomanob Mahmudur Rahman on remand, her fascist volunteer Mujibbadi army attacked him in Dhaka and London. Lately the editor of a newspaer ( Mr. Lablu) in Newyork was attacked by Al Shaschasebok Bahini.when the state Minister for home affairs accused the editor for his coverage. 
(7) Hasina changed almost every name referring to Zia and Bhasani, (for the delight of Mujib's hero-worshippers). It is as if Mujib owned the country.  She is changing names except the name of the country still called Bangladesh.
If Bangladesh is owned by Bangladeshis, our leaders should be elected by people. It shouldn't be owned by Hasina, the Bangladeshi dictator in favor of Mujib and India.  
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