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Despite the specific court order, BJI Leaders are not allowed to have proper medical treatment

Edit Date:8/10/2010 12:00:00 AM

 Ameer-e-Jamaat, secretary General and Mawlana Sayedee are given division in Jail. however, despite the specific court order, they are not allowed to have proper medical treatment. Mawlana Nizami need to have Physiotherapy for his back pain and knee problems.but he is not allowed in Jail to have physiotherapy. as a result he is loosing strength of his right leg and limping. his blood pressure is fluctuating. sometimes it reached up to 100/210. he has history of a mild stroke. he requested to see his doctor at his own expense, a well known neuro specialist professor Sirajul Islam but he was not allowed to. recently the jail authority is obstructing his family to see him and to provide necessary belongings. the family provided some books and a charger fan but the authority yet to give those to Mr. Nizami. beforehand family members could see the prisoners ones a week. now they are allowing after 8 days. and putting new conditions every time. today the relatives of Mawlana saydee, including his mother who is  90+ years old and wheel chaired,  went to visit him but they are denied to see him, even though they went to see him after a month. the excuse was Mawlana Saydee is ill. 

2. although the trio have division in  jail but there were no division for them in remand. in DB office where Mawlana Nizami and Mr. Mujahid were kept in remand. there were no furniture at all. in an ordinary room they were provided 2 pieces of blankets and nothing else. even the blankets were unusable and had bed bugs in those. we had to file petition to provide a pillow for them even then they did not allow a pillow for them. high power lights were always switch on (24/7) and ordinary criminals, including murderers, drug addicts  were allowed to be in their room. they used to be interrogated in mid nights. the subject matters of the interrogations were not related with the cases they were taken into remand. most of the questions were of political nature. Mawlana Nizami were in remand for 16 days and Mr. Mujahid were in remand for 19 days
3. Mawlana Sayeede were kept initially in Ramna Thana. the place were unhygienic. there were no door in the toilet even. then he was taken to CID office where he was kept in a digital grave (in his own language) the room is very narrow and very little light were there. it is difficult to count day and night there. he was kept there for 12 days and mentally tortured to give confession on Humayun Azad murder case. despite the court order he was denied to have physiotherapy as a result his knee was swollen and  could not walk even. u might have seen the picture, police men assisting him to walk to the court. mawlana saydee were in remand for 28 days all together.
3. Mr. A.K. Molla and Mr. K Zaman were not given division. Mr. K Zaman were physically tortured in remand. he is physically ill now and can not even take food by his own hand. he requested to provide a spoon and a fork so that he can eat. but the jail authority denied. Mr. Molla had open heart sugary and has diabetic. he takes insulin regularly. the jail authority denies to provide proper medical treatment for them.
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