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Bangladesh India tensions & Awami League

Edit Date:8/10/2010 12:00:00 AM




Right before the Awami Leagues victory in Bangladesh, the relations soured a bit. The BNP is caliming massive fraud in the elections and maintains that the BNP was prevented from taking power in Bangladesh becuase the pro-Indians wanted to ensure an Awami League victory.

The AL will surely improve relations with Bangladesh. Shaih Mujib Ur Rehman had actually signed a Treaty of Freinship with Bangladesh wich would have paved the way for the absorption of the Muslim country into India. On 14th August 1975 Banagladeshi patriots assassinated Mr. Mujib and left his corpse to rot in the street for days. This was a signal to India that Bangladesh did not want to be part of India.

Recently the Indians have blamed Bangladeshis for terror in india and for massive immigration into the bordering states.

Ms. Hasina Mujib will be able to navigate the Bangladeshi ship through some rough waters balancing the sovreignty of the Muslim Nation with the demands of India. It will be a tight rope with the Bangladeshi army watching each and every move very carefully.

A new generation of Bangladeshi leaders is now emerging, untainted by the events of 1971.

DHAKA, Dec 27: Bangladesh summoned India’s ambassador on Saturday to protest exploration work by Indian ships in gas-rich waters claimed by both the neighbours, officials said.

Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Touhid Hossain summoned Indian High Commissioner Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty to his office and handed over a written protest urging an immediate cessation of survey activities, a foreign ministry spokesman said.

The complaint came after naval personnel spotted an Indian survey ship and two support vessels late on Thursday in territory claimed by Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal.

Bangladesh says the area in question is part of its deep-sea gas block number 14, which analysts say is rich in hydrocarbon.

Crew members on the Bangladeshi vessel asked their Indian counterparts to exit the waters but were told they were in their own waters, a foreign ministry statement said.

In a separate written statement, Foreign Minister Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury urged New Delhi to “postpone the survey” until a settlement was reached on the territorial dispute.

“We are confident that peaceful deliberations and diplomatic measures will ultimately lead to a mutually acceptable solution in this regard,” the statement said.

Indian High Commissioner Chakravarty told reporters after the meeting that it was incorrect to call the water disputed but that there was “an overlapping claim” on it by both countries.

“I don’t know exactly what work they are doing there but these are survey ships. They will finish their work and then go,” he told reporters, adding that New Delhi was keen to sort out the dispute through diplomacy and had asked Bangladeshi officials to travel to India to discuss the matter.

“They are chartered ships, not Indian Navy ships. Bangladeshi Naval ships, however, are in the area.”

The Bangladeshi foreign secretary said: “We have taken the Indian proposal positively but hope India will remove the survey ships.”

A naval commander told AFP that two Bangladeshi ships had been sent to the region and a third was on its way as reinforcement.

Last month, a similar row between Bangladesh and its eastern neighbour Myanmar flared over another disputed stretch in the bay. Bangladesh deployed four ships and put its navy and armed forces on high alert after a South Korean company escorted by Myanmar ships began work in the area. A series of meetings between the two failed to resolve the dispute and it was only after Myanmar removed the ships that it simmered down.-AFP

‘ISI cleared of Mumbai involvement’ Thu, 18 Dec 2008 10:13:35 GMT

The FBI has cleared Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of any involvement in last month’s terror attack on India’s financial hub.

After interrogating the sole surviving gunman, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) concluded that the ISI was cleared of any involvement in the Mumbai terror attacks on November 26, Pakistani daily The Dawn quoted diplomatic sources as saying on Thursday.

The ISI was accused of being involved in the Mumbai attacks due to its past associations with the LeT, which received CIA and ISI support to fight the soviet-backed government in Afghanistan.

The CIA had built extensive bases for the LeT in Pakistan and Afghanistan to train thousands of guerrilla fighters, according to Frontline magazine.Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has repeated asked India for concrete proof implicating the LeT in the attack, as tension between the two neighbors intensifies.The nuclear-armed nations already have a history of three wars since independence from Britain in 1947. 

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