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Human Right Detail

An Analysis of Awami League

Edit Date:10/23/2012 12:00:00 AM

Future of Democracy Blurred in Bangladesh

After making a historic return to democratic system from the military-backed caretaker government reign, Bangladesh has passed more than two years with a democratic government. But the overwhelming lack of political tolerance, absence of necessary and effective institutions to ensure a democratic polity and blatant violations of human rights still remain the biggest hurdles for democracy in Bangladesh. The present reality of Bangladesh proves again that while a representative government is essential for democratic practice, is not enough if the executive, judiciary and the legislative bodies fail to play their respective roles to ensure constitutional and international norms of human rights. In such a situation, undemocratic and dictatorial nature of power manifests in many different ways and abuses the state machinery for partisan and narrow political gain..... to see more click here....

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